Infragistics App Builder mis à jour

Propose une nouvelle action Data pour créer, modifier et supprimer des enregistrements dans les composants Grid et Tree-Grid.
Février 13, 2023 - 16:31
Nouvelle Version


  • Configure REST API methods POST/PUT/DELETE when creating a datasource based on OpenAPI definition.
  • New Data-action for creating, updating, and deleting records in Grid and Tree-Grid component.
  • Use Hierarchical type data in Tree-Grid and Tree component.
  • Added support for nested data-binding when repeating components based on hierarchical data.
  • Group and aggregate data in Category chart when repeated labels are present.
  • Added two new sample apps - Learning portal and Inventory management.
  • Added Align-self property to override V.align and H.align defined on parent layout (CSS Flex-box).
  • Added Border-radius property to set Rounding for Row/Column/Absolute layout components.
  • Show App name as page title in the browser.
  • Select all data-fields when adding a new data collection.
  • Added option to maximize the Create new application dialog.
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