Oxygen XML Web Author V25.1

Il est désormais possible de facilement réorganiser les éléments de bloc à l’aide des raccourcis clavier.
March 21, 2023 - 11:11
Nouvelle Version


User Interface Improvements

  • IME Support Improved - Support for Input Methods Editors (IME) for non-Latin languages has been improved in terms of stability and performance.
  • Better Presentation for Surround Edits in the File Comparison Tool - The file comparison tool now identifies surround edits. For example, it recognizes when a piece of text is marked with a <bold> tag and the comparison tool will only highlight the additional tags.
  • Re-order Block Elements With Keyboard Shortcuts - You can now easily move selected block element nodes up or down on the same hierarchical level by using the Alt+UpArrow or Alt+DownArrow keyboard shortcuts.
  • Image Maps Now Support Images Referenced Using Keyrefs - Image maps can now be edited when the image is referenced using a keyref. Previously, an error message was displayed in this situation.

Customization and Integration

  • Plugin to Add Support for CALS Tables in Custom Frameworks - An open-source plugin has been published that adds support for CALS tables in a custom framework.
  • Plugin for Rendering LaTeX Equations - An open-source plugin has been published that renders LaTeX equations in DITA topics using the MathJAX library.
  • Plugin for Evaluating XPath Expressions Client-side - An open-source plugin has been published that evaluates XPath 1.0 expressions in JavaScript using the WGXPath library.
  • Sample Docker Image - An open-source project is now available that contains a set of example configuration files that can be used to deploy Web Author in a Docker container.
  • Improved DITA Key Resolution in File Comparison Tool - The file comparison tool now has the ability to use different contexts for resolving DITA keys in the two editors. This is accomplished by using new URL parameters, specifically diffDitamap and diff.dita.val.url, which allow you to specify a different DITA Map and DITAVAL file for the right-side editor. This feature is particularly useful when comparing files from different branches of a Git repository that use different sets of DITA keys.
  • Commit Message Now Displayed in Version History for Generic CMIS Connections - Web Author includes a generic CMIS connector plugin that enables you to connect Web Author to various types of content management platforms (such as Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint, or FileNet) and access files stored on those platforms. A Show Version History action is now available in a toolbar drop-down menu that opens a window with information about the version and creator, and now also shows the commit message (if one was included) for commits that were processed for the current file.
Oxygen XML Web Author

Oxygen XML Web Author

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