MadCap Flare 2023

Il est désormais possible d'organiser et de gérer plusieurs fichiers (dans un pack) comme un package de révision.
Mai 10, 2023 - 10:02
Nouvelle Version


  • Send One or Many Files - With Flare’s Review Packages feature, you can now organize and manage multiple files (in a bundle) as a single review package, sending it to the cloud-based Central platform. This means less time spent on organization and more time spent on creating amazing content.
  • Send Files for Review Wizard Updates - Accessible via the Review ribbon or TOC Editor, the wizard has been updated to include review package fields.
  • View and Accept Files Back into Flare from Central - Authors now have the option to preview a read-only version of the reviewed file while keeping the status open for reviewers to continue to make edits on Central. Once the author is ready to finalize their work and closes the file, it becomes read-only up on Central and reviewers can no longer edit it.
MadCap Flare

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