Syncfusion Essential Studio for UWP 2023 Volume 2

Recherche de texte par programme dans des fichiers de présentation PowerPoint à l’aide de regex.
Juin 22, 2023
Nouvelle Version


  • PDF Library
    • Find and extract RTL text.
    • Digital signature enhancements:
      • You can now pass a wide range of signature standards with an improved standard of LTV-enabled signature.
      • You can now use a new API to specify the revocation type while signing the PDF document with LTV.
      • Added the ability to retrieve the revocation details from a PDF document.
      • You can now use a new API to get revisions of digital signatures from PDF documents.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Library
    • Find using regex - Users can find a pattern of text in all PowerPoint slides or a specific slide and replace or highlight it.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Extension
    • Latest NuGet package notification - To keep Syncfusion NuGet packages up to date in the UWP application, users will be notified when a new version of the package is available. This message will alert users of the latest enhancements, bug fixes, and optimizations offered. Upgrading to the latest version ensures seamless integration and improved performance in UWP projects.
    • Latest Essential Studio build notification - If an older version of the Syncfusion assemblies is referred to in the UWP application, users will receive a notification when a new version of the Essential Studio build is available. Updating to the new build will provide access to the most recent features, enhancements, and important updates, maximizing the capabilities of UWP development projects.
Find text using regex

Syncfusion Essential Studio UWP

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