Enterprise Architect v16.1 (Build 1628)

Améliore l’accessibilité grâce à une meilleure prise en charge des thèmes à contraste élevé sous Windows.
Septembre 27, 2023
Nouvelle Version


  • Accessibility
    • Updated Dialogs so that Microsoft Windows Narrator can provide more accurate and intuitive feedback on controls.
    • Improved tab behavior for the docked Properties window.
    • Improved support for High Contrast themes in Windows:
      • Visual Style defaults to Microsoft Office 2010.
      • Background color of Window Selectors (from Start ribbon) now matches Windows theme.
      • Colors for rich text editors will match the Windows theme.
      • Tab controls no longer highlight different colors for each tab.
      • Diagram theme now defaults to the new theme High Contrast (Auto).
      • Code editor will now auto-select a light or dark theme based on the Windows theme.
      • Code editor background color and default text now directly use appropriate colors from the Windows theme.
      • Added High Contrast (Auto) diagram theme which styles diagrams using colors defined in the Windows theme.
      • Added High Contrast Black (Alternate) theme which uses yellow-orange for lines and text.
    • Execution Analyzer dialog page order using Ctrl+Tab now matches the visual order.
  • Documentation
    • Generated PDF documents now support transparent images placed on diagrams.
    • Model Library window has been updated to ensure you can create a document based on a predefined templated.
  • Simulation
    • Dynamic Simulation of Activities is now able to activate nodes that only have Object Flow inputs.
    • Scripts on an Action can now reference Pins by name without specifying the full path to that pin.
    • Evaluation of Transition guard and effect now allows referencing the Trigger by name from the global namespace.
  • Diagrams
    • Connector Label rendering for suppressed connector line segments has been restored.
    • View Composite icon rendering has been improved for some renderer settings.
    • Performance of rendering bitmap images from a MDG Technology has been improved.
  • Code Engineering
    • Publish Model Package now supports using a Stylesheet that doesn't produce XML.
    • C++ Code Engineering and Code Editor has been updated to add support for a function try block and GNU attribute specifier macro.
    • Enterprise Architect Simulation Library (EASL) code generation has been updated to improve handling of DerivedTransitions and DerivedOutgoingTransitions lists.
    • Code Miner database now handles an intersect query with only one term.
  • Automation
    • Automation Diagram.Update now updates image cache.
  • Other
    • Go to path option now supports dots in package names.
    • Template Parameter properties dialog now allows changing of a Parameter name.
    • Changing a stereotype property will now show those changes where the property is shown through inheritance or via a property typed by its owner.
    • Ensured that packages marked as 'ReadOnly' cannot be edited.
    • Improved handling of connectivity loss for PCS and ODBC based connections.
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