SourceAnywhere Standalone adds VS 2012 support

Février 28, 2013 - 8:34
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SourceAnywhere Standalone is a SQL-based source/version control tool designed to be a replacement for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. It stores files and history repositories in Microsoft SQL Server. The SourceAnywhere Standalone Server serves one SQL database from which any number of repositories can be created. The client GUI application also resembles the SourceSafe Explorer user interface, and enables users to perform similar SourceSafe style operations.

Updates in V4.3

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2012.
  • Added Share command to the right-click menu.
  • Fixed bug where 'Delete' keyboard command did not work in Source Location bar.
  • Added User parameter that returns a list of files checked out by a specified user.
  • Added Diff command to detect if a local copy is identical to the latest server version.
  • Added Link command to return all the shared links of a specific file.
  • Improved GetFilesHistory command and GetProjectHistory command. Both now support displaying comment columns.
  • Improved GetFileList command to display folder list in the result window.

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Version control using SourceAnywhere Standalone.

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