dbForge Fusion for SQL Server

Simplify SQL database development and enhance data management.
Décembre 20, 2013 - 10:23
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dbForge Fusion for SQL Server brings database development and administration to your IDE. It provides an easy way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements and queries and manipulate data in different ways.


  • Integration with Visual Studio - dbForge Fusion for SQL fully integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • SQL Coding Assistance - Including automatic code completion, code snippets, document outline navigation and smart formatting of SQL code.
  • T-SQL Debugger - Start debugging by clicking on the Database Explorer tree.
  • SQL Query Profiler - Locate bottlenecks and optimize slow query execution time.
  • Flat Table Editor - Quickly set table properties in the visual editor. Also, preview changes before modification of database objects.
  • SQL Change Management - Synchronize table data between servers, analyze data differences and create reports.
  • Database Diagrams - Display basic objects and their connections.
  • Data Export/Import - Includes support for several widely used data formats.
  • Report and Analysis - Visual Data Report designer with support for chart plotting.
  • Integration with Devart dotConnect for SQL Server - SQL code completion and advanced formatting.

About Devart

Devart offers well-known native VCL/CLX components and dbExpress drivers for direct access to Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL. They also provide advanced data access solutions for the Microsoft .NET Framework for native connectivity to Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers. Devart is also a vendor of database tools designed to automate and simplify the database development process.

Connect to your data using dbForge Fusion for SQL Server.

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