RayFlow released

Best practice software packaging workflow.
Décembre 02, 2014 - 13:03
Communiqué de presse

RayFlow is a workflow tool that connects software management components and ensures fluent work processes. It also integrates third-party products which can be customized. RayFlow is a complete workflow system for the Application Lifecycle, from license management to deployment.


  • Speeds up packaging processes by following customer-defined phases.
  • Improves quality leading to lower reject rates and quicker project completion.
  • Support of best practice processes such as ITIL.
  • Implementation of quality monitoring gateways.
  • Higher achievement rates in SLA management.
  • Higher quality output.
  • Reduced software deployment errors.
  • Reduces software downtime.
  • Reduces helpdesk requests.
  • Powerful tracking system for SLA management.
  • Audit trail is secured via role-based access.
  • Reliable reporting and status updates.

About Raynet GmbH

Raynet GmbH is a leading service and solution provider specializing in the architecture, implementation and operation of Application Lifecycle Management systems. Raynet’s headquarters are in Germany with offices in Belgium, Poland, UK and USA. For over 15 years the company has supported hundreds of customers and partners with its products and solutions for Enterprise application management projects worldwide.

Manage work processes with RayFlow.

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