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Works right out of the box

mate.farkasHungary5 étoile

For our digitalization project, we needed to find a proper tool to convert docx files / templates to PDF. Our quite huge customer has lots of document templates with quite diverse content elements, such as logos, graphic elements, text, tables, checkboxes, placeholders, etc. And these not only in body, but in the docx headers and footers.

The expectation – as in most cases on the business side – to have the PDF documents typographically equivalent to their existing word templates – once they already have those designed and implemented, and changing them would result a high cost project.

The restrictions regarding the platform and the infrastructure were also challenging, considering that JAVA is to be used, and no separate 3rd Party component was allowed to be installed on the application servers. So easy ways, like having Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Print to PDF, or similar solutions from linux/UNIX world were not an option. Hence the only option to solve the problem was to find a proper solution that makes the work within our own application.

During the development phase we’ve tried several available tools, libraries both free and commercially available ones (e.g. Apache POI, PDFBOX, etc.), but majority of them had some lacks regarding the required functionality or features. Fortunately we found Aspose.Words for JAVA, and suddenly all problems disappeared. The required features were working just simply out of the box. Compared to the previous tries, Words for JAVA was a “one click solution”.

As a sum, if you are intending to find a proper docx to PDF converter, and you want to avoid lots of efforts writing your own, investigating available products, reverse engineer partially documented, or ready tools, libraries, then Aspose.Words for JAVA is the one that can easily make the job for you. Integration to your application is quite simple, and you can easily find your proper license that fits you the best.