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Nom masqué Italie5 étoile

Good product. It greatly simplifies the creation of the software, mainly the management of reports.

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Mick O'Rourke, Ward Data Irlande3 étoile

After 20+ years we have decided to move from the Janus Grid and the related components. We need to ensure that our software is future proofed.

To that end we have purchased Component One Studio... Lire la suite

Richard.JudgeUnited Kingdom5 étoile
Do NOT be put off by the early reviews of this product, the current versions of the controls or at least from 2007 v1 have been significantly improved. The inclusion of the Ribbon tool, the UI styling. Flexgrid is extremely efficient, trueDBgrid with it's simple sorting and grouping facility is essential for rapid development. I have used many of the controls for one purpose or another and I have not had reason to purchase another toolset. I have found my development process improved with the ease of use the controls. I haven't as yet used the WPF toolset so cannot comment on those particular tools. Thumbs up from me.
trungbravo client vérifiéViet Nam5 étoile
I like Flexgrid, becouse It's easy to use and support is very good
Jonathan Dyke5 étoile
ComponentOne products are among the few components I can actually rely on in a production environment. I can trust them like I trust my own code. I use a number of ComponentOne components (ActiveX, WinForms and WebForms) and all are very stable & mature. The few bugs I've encountered over the years have been fixed promptly. While other companies are happy to sit on their existing code and react to market changes as they occur, ComponentOne has consistently remained ahead of the curve by improving their products and offering new ones early enough for developers to release them "on time". They are an early-adopter's dream and I wish every company was as forward-thinking. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give ComponentOne a 5.
espuaMalaysia5 étoile
My comments on the VS View Classic 8 (ActiveX) This is a satisfying product that has been well designed for Rapid Application Development with a reasonable file size. With this printing component, I managed to generate impressive reports (with pictures, layout, header/footer, preview, page setup, tables and etc) on the fly with the very minimum of coding efforts. All the print out can be easily export to RTF, PDF (this saves money for my users on Acrobat) and HTML very easily. Documentation & sample codes has been comprehensive enough and very easy to follow. Though to perform the table formatting during the runtime is a bit tedious, but it is not difficult. I have not tried its features on database reports. However, if you are looking for an easy printing component with good features, VS View 8 certainly is a good choice. Highly recommended.
virtualswpUSA3 étoile
Component One has a wide range of tools that a lot of other control suites don't have. They were the first on the scene with the mobile controls for the .NET compact framework. We continue to use their controls in more and more applications. We have had about 3 or 4 bug submissions and they have all been corrected. A criticism is that a lot of times I am doing the debugging for them though to correct the bugs. Once bugs are submitted they either find a work around or give you a way to download a fixed version within a few weeks. Going forward I would like to see that Component One continue to release and work on controls that are unique. Another thing I would like to see is if Component One improved their overall appearance of the controls to fit Windows XP themes.
PeterNew Zealand5 étoile
As a leader of a development team writing highly visible, business critical software in the global market, I have found our choice to use components from ComponentOne Studio Enterprise successful and rewarding. Our users expect a high degree of professionalism in their software and need any issues resolved in a timely manner. This means that we absolutely must be able to depend on your third party suppliers for their support and cooperation. In the real world, you can never find third party software that completely meets and is 100% free of issues. The large selection of components within the product has given us (a) a wide selection of components to meet the various needs, (b) a single stop shop for support and (c) enabled us to lower our TCO by purchasing from a single vendor. The few issues we have found in using the applications were dealt with a friendly and professional manner. We were able to build a good relationship with the support personnel that enabled us to adequately describe the problem, duplicate the issue within their support environment, and see the required modifications scheduled into their development pipeline. From my perspective you need to seriously considered ComponentOne Studio Enterprise if you are deciding on third party components. Peter
james.pearsonUnited Kingdom5 étoile
I would recommend the VSFlexGrid anytime, but SizerOne, VSPrinter, VSReports etc are limited in functionality and VERY poorly documented. I have tried to build apps using these, but due to the limited functionality, I had to resort to other methods than VSPrinter, SizerOne and VSReports. The help file for VSFlexGrid is not up to Microsoft standards, but adequate for most purposes. If you want an excel look for you data entry app then VSFlexGrid will probably not have enough features to get the look you want; eg/ inability to format individual cells (other than by using VB functions) rather than applying a custom format to whole rows or whole columns. Overall, not bad, but could do with beefing up the help files and providing more code examples.