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I'm a developer and architect...

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I'm a developer and architect in a company which provides a SCADA product We use Syncfusion products now for over 2 years. We mainly use 2 kind of controls: The GridControl and the GridGroupingControl. The GridControl is used to display and edit in Excel-like manner complex information's of devices (PLC controller, Databases or CSV files) information's and export this information's into our main SCADA product. Heading: mass engineering While evaluation process we evaluate a lot of grid controls. We dispose to Syncfusion because the controls are one of the fastest and flexible. For architecture of our SCADA product we use Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA). To allow simple editing of the user domain model in EA we write a own EA-UML profile and an EA plugin. The GridGroupingControl is used for simple display and edit of our UML classes. Therefore the GridGroupingControl displays the data of the models, classes, properties and methods. In this case data binding is used for getting the information's. In both cases we benefit from the rich functionality, the good documentation and the excellent support. The only known disadvantage is the complexity and therefore the learning curve is flat. To keep it rising the support and documentation is very useful.