UltraCompare v2023.1

Released: Nov 20, 2023

Mises à jour de v2023.1


  • Merge into New File:
    • Merges two existing files into a new file.
    • Prevents accidental merges to existing files.
    • Added integrated dockable PowerShell window.
  • New command line options:
    • Ignore tabs (-bt).
    • Compare to previous version (-gitcp).
    • Compare to unmodified (-gitcu).
    • Open local repository (-gitor).
  • Added 'Compare as' context menu command for Folder mode:
    • Select specific compare mode for selected file.
    • Choose from Text, Binary, Table modes.
  • Multiple difference alignment methods:
    • Myer’s algorithm (traditional) - standard diff algorithm that is fast and efficient but may not produce the most human readable or comprehensible difference matching and alignment.
    • Patience diff (new) - context specific method that works with common sets of data within documents to build difference matches and alignment to produce results closer to human expectations within short ranges of common text blocks.
  • Compare engine improvements for better matching and alignment.
  • CTRL+Z results in undo of all session edits, not just the last one.
  • Added support for 'Use bold font for differences' for binary/table modes.
  • Allow users to merge 'fake lines' over content in file compare to delete content in target file.
  • Timestamp difference enhancements suggested for comparing FAT to NTFS folders.
  • Improved application stability.
  • Allow customer to specify folder that should be used for temp files.


  • Impossible to enter =! in quick find dialog.
  • Attempting to compare specific RAR archives fails.
  • Repeated crashes during specific folder merge.
  • When adjusting columns in one table column widths should be automatically matched in the other table.
  • -nonrec should force non-recursive compare but doesn’t work.
  • Sync rules are empty after install.