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SyncRO Soft

SyncRO Soft is a privately held software company founded in 1998 with a large area of expertise in XML technologies: XML Schema, Relax NG, Schematron, XSLT, XPath and XQuery. The main product <oXygen/> XML Editor provides the best coverage of the today XML technologies; it complies with the established standards released by W3C and other organizations and enhances developer productivity through an intuitive and innovative XML IDE. Syncro Soft is a member of the W3C. Another product developed by Syncro Soft is Syncro SVN Client (a Subversion client).

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Come distributori ufficiali e autorizzati, ComponentSource fornisce legittime licenze direttamente da SyncRO Soft

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str. Remus, nr. 5A
RO-200082 Craiova
Mon-Fri, 2:30am-5:00pm EST (UTC-5.00)


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Titoli dellle notizie

oXygen XML 17.1 released
Adds support for core DITA 1.3 features including key scopes and branch filtering.
oXygen XML adds XML Quick Fixes
Resolve different errors that appear in XML documents by proposing automatic fixes for common problems.
oXygen XML adds XSLT Quick Fixes
Resolve problems like misspelled template names, missing templates, functions or references to undeclared variables.
oXygen XML improves Visual XML Editing
New version adds support for colsep and rowsep attributes.
Syncro SVN Client adds Repair Items
Items that were copied, moved or renamed can be repaired.