Agile.NET V6.4 Released

Adds support for Windows 10 and .NET Framework 4.6.
Giugno 03, 2016 - 0:00
Nuova Funzionalità

Agile.NET features advanced obfuscation techniques that keep method names intact, while completely hiding code. It's additional features include control flow obfuscation, string encryption, dependant-assembly merging and a complete copy protection solution. Agile.NET copy protection module provides security and flexibility and can be used to easily provide trials, hardware locking and subscription licenses to existing products.

Updates in V6.4

  • Code Virtualization Support for ref/out Methods - You can now virtualize methods that accept ref or out parameters, in addition, other methods that call these methods will also be virtualized.
  • .NET 4.6 Support - Agile.NET is now compatible with .NET Framework 4.6.
  • Windows 10 Support - You can create and edit Agile.NET project files and run protected programs within the Windows 10 environment.
  • VS2015 PDB Support - Support for VS2015 compiled binaries and PDB files has been added.
  • BAML Generics Support - Obfuscating BAML streams containing generic types.
  • Rename Method Parameters - Method parameters often capture semantics you may want to hide from an attacker. You can now instruct Agile.NET to rename method parameters, in addition to the method signature, making it more difficult to infer code intent.

About SecureTeam

SecureTeam helps companies all around the world protect their intellectual property. SecureTeam's advanced .NET code protection technology delivers a layered protection approach that combines method level code encryption, obfuscation, licensing and anti-reverse engineering countermeasures. They provide customers with a means to protect .NET applications against piracy, code theft and malicious tampering.

Securing an assembly with Agile.NET.

Agile.NET Code Protection

Protezione software avanzata per le applicazioni .NET.

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