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ReSharper 2016.2.2

L'ultima versione di manutenzione include diverse correzioni di bug.
Novembre 14, 2016 - 12:21
Nuova versione


  • Regression: Complete Nullable<T> statement is broken.
  • TypeScript import doesn't find library folder prefixed with @.
  • Messed up code after inserting source template.
  • 'Cancel' button does not cancel the snapshot uploading process.
  • 'RunTests' in type '[...].UnitTestRunner.nUnit26.BuiltInNUnitRunner' from [...] does not have an implementation.
  • Resharper crashes Visual Studio 2015 when editing TypeScript file.
  • Angular2 imports are not not properly resolved.
  • Regex: invalid range in character set.
  • STACK_OVERFLOW exception: ReSharper crashes Visual Studio with TS 2.0.
  • Peek Definition does not work in Visual Studio 2013.
  • Solution load performance issues.
  • Optimization broke switching between lib.d.ts and lib.es6.d.ts for pure JS.
  • TypeScript: Confusion about any vs Object.
  • VS crashes after ReSharper update.
  • Incorrect 'let can only be inside a block' for switch cases.
  • Wrong "'super' must be called before accessing 'this' in the constructor of a derived class".
  • CA options pages doesn't store changed settings.
  • Structural Navigation kicks in instead of code editing.
  • Incorrect auto-completion with nullable value.
  • Type Dependency detail window issue.
  • Tab does not complete an item from VS IntelliSense if only TeamCity plugin is enabled.
  • Merge sequential checks suggestion leads to potential null reference exception.
  • Replace with format specifier incorrectly reorders arguments on extension method call.
  • Duplicate reports are created if you 'Cancel' snapshot upload before it is finished.
  • Do not suggest string interpolation in log with formatting.
  • Set private modifier for fields automatically without extra actions/keystrokes.
  • Invalid "Pass string interpolation expression" quick fix.
  • Structural navigation should not navigate comments.
  • Structural Navigation (tab) incorrectly used inside multiline verbatim string.
  • No byte ordering mark in SDK props and targets files.
  • Wrong suggestion 'Merge conditional expression'.
  • Structural (tab) navigation misbehave in partially selected block.


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