ImageGear Professional v19.0

Adds new samples and simplified installation process.
Febbraio 02, 2017 - 16:09
Nuova versione


  • Simplified the Installation process and directory structure.
  • Added many new samples:
    • Get up and running more quickly with our new PDF samples.
    • Quickly find sample code for common real world use cases using our revamped samples for other functional areas.
    • Use the sample images dataset to test out functionality, or use your own images.
    • Still using older ImageGear samples? All of the original/legacy samples are also still available.
  • Improved the help file:
    • Find content more easily with the reorganized and enhanced help content.
    • Quickly reference all of the formats that ImageGear supports with our new set of File Formats and Compressions tables.
    • Create a new ImageGear project more quickly using our simplified tutorial, or create a new ImageGear PDF project using our new PDF tutorial.
    • Work with ImageGear PDF with more ease and clarity, using our many new PDF How to... topics, which cover common use cases.
  • All ImageGear C/C++ binaries are now built using an updated, newer compiler version.
  • Improved save times when appending pages to a PDF.


  • Corrected an issue that caused a black border on the top and right sides of a zoomed-in PDF.
  • Corrected an issue that caused a PDF with form fields to not render the same in v18.5 as in v18.4.
  • Corrected an issue that caused edited contents in PDF to not be visible in ImageGear v18.5.
  • Corrected an issue in the PDF Demo sample that prevented 180 degree rotation from updating the PDF display.
  • Resolved errors that were occurring after Windows Client impersonation.
ImageGear Professional

ImageGear for C and C++

Una potente elaborazione di immagini SDK C e C++.

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