InterBase 2017

Aggiunge il supporto per tabelle derivate da SQL, inoltre aggiunge un nuovo ODS versione ODS 17.
March 10, 2017 - 10:09
Nuova versione


  • New ODS version - Databases created with InterBase 2017 use ODS 17.
  • isql - New RECONNECT command isql supports a new command, RECONNECT. You can use RECONNECT in isql and SQL scripts, to reconnect to the latest successfully connected database. See RECONNECT for more information. New -names Command-line Option isql supports a new command line option, -names <character set name>. You can use this option to specify the character set to use for current database connection.
  • Monitor all online databases - InterBase 2017 provides monitoring of all the online databases in a server with a single connection. Administrators can use the server level statistics to better monitor an instance usage.
  • Subscriptions reflect ALTER TABLE changes - Subscriptions now reflect changes when a column is added with ALTER TABLE. For example, using the following code FOO_SUBS shows the newly added column BID.
  • Exclusive Isolation Level - Exclusive Isolation allows transactions to acquire exclusive lock on a target table, and be the only ones able to execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE on a table.
  • SQL Derived Table Support - InterBase now supports derived tables, a highly used SQL development feature. The derived table syntax enhances the abilities of existing applications to use InterBase as a back end RDMBS.
  • Truncate Table - The Truncate Table command allows users and applications to empty the contents of a database table. This feature is useful for tables where rows require frequent deletion. The Truncate Table command performs faster, requires less I/O, and journals and archives much less information than an equivalent DELETE FROM table command.
  • Transaction Wait Time - Specify a period of time transactions wait for acquiring lockable resources. Now is possible to specify a time period that transactions wait for a lockable resource to be acquired.
  • Single Line Comment - You can add a single line comment to a SQL statement using two dashes.


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