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ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC 2017 v1

Include ora il controllo della griglia di dati MultiRow, inoltre aggiunge il supporto per Visual Studio 2017.
March 16, 2017 - 12:38
Nuova versione


  • Full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
  • New MultiRow Data Grid Control - Reduce scrolling in wide grids and spreadsheets with MultiRow, a cutting-edge control that allows you to wrap columns into a single view. MultiRow includes all the features of FlexGrid with the added benefit of a more compact view. (MultiRow is also available in Wijmo Enterprise).
  • New FlexViewer Mobile released - A responsive MVC report viewer.
  • FlexGrid column footer - Easily add custom footers to columns using the new columnFooter in FlexGrid. (Also available in Wijmo).
  • New MVC OLAP released - Process and aggregate thousands of rows in seconds with the new MVC OLAP control. OLAP provides asynchronous processing that improves the performance of the controls, as multiple processes can occur simultaneously on separate threads.
  • OLAP uses the following components to do online analytical processing.
    • Pivot Panel - The PivotPanel represents as the core component of OLAP, as it provides a user interface for interactively representing the regular data tables into PivotTable, PivotGrid and PivotChart. You can simply provide a database to the PivotPanel, and represent the data in a PivotTable that provides custom views summarizing the data according to your requirements.
    • Pivot Grid - The PivotGrid is an extension to an already existing FlexGrid class that helps users to create PivotTables and use the FlexGrid features in your OLAP control. There are many different features of FlexGrid that can be utilized in MVC OLAP such as, automatic data binding, grouped row and columns, resizing columns, filtering data and showing details for each cell in the grid.
    • Pivot Chart - The PivotChart component is an extension to FlexChart class that helps the user to automatically bind data to PivotPanel object, automatic tooltips, chart type selection, and palette selection. You can export these charts to different file formats such as PNG and JPEG, and you can customize the chart styles and interactivity according to your requirements.
    • Pivot Engine - The data engine is a a low-footprint C# component that can be easily integrated in your OLAP applications. The engine stores data in memory-mapped files, which are retrieved instantly without any delay in importing these files. The Pivot Engine does not put any restriction on the size of the dataset that you wish to analyze or display, and that too without compromising the performance.
  • FlexChart updates
    • FlexRadar chart.
    • Box-and-whisker plot.
    • ErrorBar chart.
MultiRow Data Grid control.

ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC

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