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ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC 2017 v2

Aggiunge funzionalità di PDFViewer a FlexViewer, oltre a MultiAutoComplete e a un nuovo controllo TreeView.
Luglio 20, 2017 - 15:56
Nuova versione



  • Added MultiAutoComplete control.
  • Added TreeView control.
  • Added Finance sample.
  • Added FilterPanel sample.
  • Updated C1 MVC templates with new structure.
  • Added business application template. (Spreadsheet)
  • Responsive application template with server binding. (FlexGrid and Menu)
  • Responsive application template with AJAX binding. (FlexGrid and Menu)
  • Refactoring Scaffolder for inserting MVC controls.
  • Added gradient color support in FlexChart.


  • Added search feature.   
  • Added license verification process.


  • Added rotate document and rotate page tool.
  • Added mouse mode tool.
  • Added ZoombySelection and Magnifier tool.
  • Added ThersholdWidth property.
  • Added ZoomMode property for FlexViewer.


  • Renamed Error property of PivotEngine to OnClientError event.
  • [PivotEngine] Added ViewDefinition for ASP.NET Core application.
  • Added new aggregate functions in Olap Server.


  • Refactoring customized editor for FlexGrid.



  • Fixed an issue where C1CollectionItemConverterAttribute is used for a collection, the separator is missing between the collection item.
  • Fixed an issue where exception occurs when using InputDate in a list.
  • Fixed an issue where error occurred while changing the "SourceCollection" of CollectionView.
  • Fixed an issue where FlexGrid CellTemplate cells does not hide when cell edit mode is completed.


  • Fixed an issue where OnClientPageChanged and OnClientPageChanging events were not getting invoked after applying paging.
  • Fixed an issue of unit test CollectionViewServiceTests.VirtualScrollingTest.


  • Fixed an issue where JavaScript error occurred while working with Print dialog.    
  • Fixed forward and backward functionality for MobileViewer.


  • Fixed an issue where JavaScript error is displayed while setting Fields of DataEngine to multiple fields.
  • Removed "auto-generate-fields" attribute from PivotEngine tag helper.


  • Fixed OnClientFormatItem event of MultiSelect.
  • Fixed an issue where drop-down list shows InputColor after setting "IsReadOnly" and "IsDroppedDown" to true.


  • Removed NewRowAtTop property.

Sunburst Chart

  • Fixed an issue where tooltip stops working while working with "ShowAnimation".


  • Fixed an issue where JavaScript error occurred when setting the ShowColumnFooters property for FlexGrid, which uses cell templates.
  • Fixed an issue where Value Filter cannot select an item which contains HTML element.
  • Fixed an issue where ComboBox when used as the Edit


  • Fixed an issue where alpha of pie slices is always set to 0.7 even when setting a custom palette with alpha value as 1.   


  • Fixed an issue where setting CheckedIndexes and CheckedValues together will throw an exception.   
ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC.

ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC

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