HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint v16.1.0

Migliora report e filtraggio.
Luglio 25, 2017 - 9:15
Nuova versione


  • It's now possible to extend the set of collected data from Active directory and SharePoint User profile, the data can be displayed in the product reports and can be used for filtering.
  • Additional column has been added to all reports: it contains Web-site URL.


  • The list of the document library folders is displayed now accordingly to current user permissions when a subscription to the reports is created.(it can be turned off with the policy 'usesecuredexporttree').
  • A new policy 'usewebpartstandardpermission' has been added. It's applicable is to turn off 'Manage permission' checking during operating with HarePoint web-parts (intended for a user who has this permission blocked on the farm level for any reason).
  • The data summary column in the 'Site collections summary' report has been fixed.
  • Some fixes in data collection module provide better compatibility with SharePoint 2016.
  • The 'event receiver' has been optimized to provide faster data collection of list item editing, moving or removing events.
  • The generation of links to a full report in web-parts has been fixed.
  • The saving of timer jobs schedule settings during product updating has been added.
  • The issue with 'cloned' sub-sites (sub-sites with the identical IDs and content), when data in the reports are crossed between different site collections has been fixed.
  • The export of a report with a single column that is used for grouping, has been fixed.
  • The Overview page (main dashboard) has been optimized, permissions checks for display of each dashboard report has been added.
  • Modifiers in web.config unnecessary for SharePoint 2016 for have been removed.
  • IIS logs importer activity has been fixed (occurred when some Web applications with the same port existed in the farm).
  • The permission checking in charts creation has been fixed (access error for opening could appear in some cases).
  • The operating of 'DateTime' type filters has been fixed (some system data/time formats could generate errors).
  • The processor counting in the system has been fixed for performance reports.
  • The double URL encoding displayed in the reports has been fixed.
  • Periodic data collection timer job has been optimized.
  • A warning message, which appears during the creation of positive filters to prevent data loss when data collection filters are used improperly, has been added.
  • Some other minor fixes.
HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

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