PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) 9.1.1

Aggiunge il supporto per Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, oltre a un migliore incapsulamento PDF/VT di Form XObjects.
Agosto 07, 2017 - 10:16
Nuova versione


  • Improved PDF/VT encapsulation of Form XObjects
    • The GTS_Encapsulated flag is now assigned to almost all Form XObjects created for imported PDF pages and SVG graphics with the "templateoptions" option; a transparency group is attached to the Form XObject only if required.
    • This new strategy facilitates in-RIP caching of Form XObjects which can result in accelerated ripping. Before the change transparent templates and SVG graphics could incorrectly be encapsulated if users provided a transparency group without the "colorspace" suboption.
  • Added build support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.


  • Importing pages from documents with layers into PDF/X output documents could result in invalid PDF/X output if different values for the "uselayers" option were used with PDF_open_pdi_document().
  • Enabled the use of C library functions for the zlib Z_SOLO build. This improves the performance for setting up compressed streams.
  • Calling PDF_process_pdi() with "action=copyoutputintent" in PDF/X-5n could result in a crash later when grayscale or CMYK colors were used since the colorant list incorrectly was not available.
  • Improved the implementation of option "transparencygroup=auto" of PDF_open_pdi_page() to avoid unexpected color shifts for imported pages in certain scenarios.
    • Imported or automatically created transparency groups for imported pages are now always isolated.
    • In PDF/A-2/3 and PDF/X-4/5 mode transparencygroup=auto" is enforced to prevent invalid PDF/A or PDF/X output.
  • Eliminated unnecessary search for transparency in imported pages for PDF/A output, and improved the performance of the search for transparency in imported pages in general.
  • OpenType features or "shaping=true" could result in unnecessary ActualText attributes for the generated text even if the ActualText wasn't different from the text string.
  • Using option "templateoptions" with PDF_load_graphics() could cause a crash with PDF/VT output.
  • Option "strokecolor=none" of PDF_fit_table() did not actually suppress the line drawing of the table cell border.
  • Relaxed stricter parsing of PostScript AFM files that was implemented with PDFlib 8. This allows processing of broken AFM files again that were accepted in PDFlib 7 and earlier versions.
  • Added 64-bit FreeBSD support for Ruby 2.3 and Ruby 2.4.
  • OpenType fonts with CFF tables trigger an SID-to-CID conversion when loaded with option "vertical=true". In this situation invalid Notice, Copyright and Weight strings were generated on EBCDIC platforms.
  • DeviceGray was not accepted as the page transparency group colorspace in PDF/A-2/3 mode with a RGB output intent.
PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS)

PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS)

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