AdminStudio Enterprise 2016 SP2

Aggiunge il supporto per PowerShell Wrapped Packages.
Agosto 11, 2017 - 15:47
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  • Support for PowerShell Wrapped Packages - AdminStudio 2016 SP2 provides full support for PowerShell-wrapped packages, including converting Windows Installer packages (.msi) and complex installation packages (.exe) to PowerShell wrapped packages (PowerShell script .ps1 files) using the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit.
  • Wrapping a Windows Installer (.msi) or Installer Executable (.exe) - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, you can convert a Windows Installer (.msi) or complex installation package (.exe) to a PowerShell wrapped package (PowerShell script .ps1 file) by selecting it in the Application Manager tree and selecting Wrap package.
  • Importing PowerShell Wrapped Packages - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, you can import existing PowerShell wrapped packages into the Application Catalog.
  • Viewing a Power Shell Wrapped Package’s Bundled Child Applications - You can view the child packages that are bundled within a PowerShell script file on the Bundled Packages tab of the Catalog Deployment Type view.
  • Testing PowerShell Wrapped Packages - Using Test Center, you can perform OS compatibility, application virtualization compatibility, and best practices testing of the child .msi and .exe packages that are bundled in a PowerShell script file.
  • PowerShell Wrapped Packages Report - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, new tests have been added to Report Center for the PowerShell-wrapped packages deployment type.
  • Distributing PowerShell Wrapped Packages - You can distribute PowerShell-wrapped packages to System Center Configuration Manager and Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite using the Distribution Wizard.
  • Virtualizing PowerShell Wrapped Packages - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, you can convert a PowerShell-wrapped package to a virtual package using the Conversion Wizard.
  • Testing PowerShell Wrapped Packages on a Virtual Machine - You can test the installation of a PowerShell wrapped package on a virtual machine using the Test on Virtual Machine Wizard. This wizard uses the capability of the Automated Application Converter tool to spin up the selected virtual machine and install the selected package.
  • Customizing the PowerShell Installer - You can customize the banner image that is displayed in the PowerShell installer and the post-installation messages that are displayed.
  • Editing a PowerShell-Wrapped Package - You can edit the PowerShell-wrapped package script (.ps1 file) using the Windows PowerShell ISE application.
  • Invoke-ASPowerShellWrap - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, a new PowerShell API command has been added to AdminStudio to support performing PowerShell wrapping.
  • Support for Additional Types of Complex Installer Executables - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, enhanced identification of imported complex installer executables is provided. AdminStudio can now detect the following additional types and read information from those packages including the following types:
    • InnoSetup
    • Nullsoft
    • WiseScript
    • WiX Burn
    • Advanced Installer
    • InstallAnywhere
  • Child Packages of Imported Packages - Starting with AdminStudio 2016, when you import suite executables (.exe) that contain child packages, the child packages are automatically extracted during import and are available for testing.
  • Java Detection Tests and Java Dependency Reports for Desktop Applications - AdminStudio 2016 SP2 includes new Java version dependency detection tests for desktop applications and Java dependency reports.
  • New Windows Server 2016 Compatibility Tests in Test Center - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, 53 OS compatibility tests for Windows Server 2016 have been added.
  • Support for System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) - AdminStudio 2016 SP2 supports System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch). You can connect Application Manager to a System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) server, which enables you to import packages from and distribute packages to that server.
  • Ability to Add Destination Group During System Center Configuration Manager Distribution - In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, you can now create a new destination group in System Center Configuration
  • Manager directly from the Destination Group panel of the Distribution Wizard.
  • Ability to Select Connection on Microsoft Configuration Manager Deployments Report - When viewing the Microsoft Configuration Manager Deployments Report in AdminStudio 2016 SP2,
  • you can now choose which System Center Configuration Manager connection that you want to view a report on.
  • Ability to Set Temporary Directory Location - Previously, you were unable to change the location of the AdminStudio temporary directory. In AdminStudio 2016 SP2, a new option, Select Temporary Location, has been added to the General Options > General tab of the Application Manager Options dialog box where you can specify the AdminStudio temporary directory. In this field, specify a location that AdminStudio has access to.
  • InstallShield 2016 SP2 - AdminStudio 2016 SP2 includes InstallShield 2016 SP2, which includes the following new features:
    • Integration with FlexNet Code Aware.
    • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
    • Support for the Latest Releases of Windows Operating Systems.
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Support.
    • Support for Creating UWP App Packages.
    • SQL Support Added to Suites.
    • Tile Configurations.
    • New InstallShield Prerequisites for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, .NET Framework 4.6, and More.
    • Predefined System Searches for Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office and the .NET Framework.
    • Direct Editor View Enhancements.
    • Suite UI Enhancements.
    • Kill Process Custom Action Enhanced.
    • Ability to Set the Default Value Used for Component Attributes.
    • Ability to Filter Items by Features in Additional Views.
    • Digital Signature Updates.
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