Astah Professional V7.2

Nuova funzionalità di salvataggio automatico, più impostazione di carattere avanzata.
Settembre 28, 2017 - 8:33
Nuova versione


  • Advanced Font Setting - Now you can change each object's font individually to create custom presentations with your models.
  • Stereotype visibility Setting
  • Gap Expander/Remover is now available in all the diagrams except Mind Map
  • Auto-save feature is now available
  • Now [Script Editor] is available to enable to access models via scripting language using API
  • Improved the UI of property view



  • Sometimes [Text] model does not appear on the diagram and throws an exception error.
  • Upon connection/disconnection of external displays or projectors, Astah freezes.
  • <<use>> dependencies were exported as Implementation when exporting from [Tools] - [Java] - [Export Java].
  • Diagram scrolling was too sensitive on Mac OS Sierra.
  • Incorrect license information appeared on [Help] - [Version Information] dialogue.
  • StringIndexOutOfBoundsException would occur when adding mmodels a hyperlink any files.
  • HSV label were duplicated on Color palette.
  • When you export diagams to image files, mini-icon were cut off.
  • Upon connection/disconnection of external displays or projectors, the screen resolution changes on Mac.
  • Sometimes Activation of Organizational license failed when it cannot access the volume serial number.
  • Some labels were missing from tool palette (e.g. UseDependenciy, Realizations on the Class diagram's tool palette).
  • Java crashes when opening a file chooser (when opening a file, saving...etc).
  • Sometimes model elements attached to the container (e.g. entry point on state) were deattached from the container when moving.
  • Changing the hight of the property view automatically switches the currently-open [tab].
  • [Correct Invalid Model] does not delete invalid constraints that have lost their target models.

Class Diagram     

  • Cloning models throws an exception error if the model includes an Association class with its association role and association class.

Activity Diagram       

  • Altering partition width would change the location of model elements.
  • "Free Hand" element does not change its location when partitions are added, deleted or resized.

Statemachine Diagram       

  • Sometimes you cannot move the location of labels of Entry and Exit points.

ER Diagram     

  • Some labels on [Add ER Domains] were not appearing correctly.
  • Altering the Child key of Non-Identifying Relationship in the property view does not sync models on the diagram.
  • Dialogue opened by [Tools] - [ER Diagram] - [Export Entity Definition Report] - [New Template] has wrong size.
  • Adding Attributes to ER Entity clears the taggedvalue of its child ER Entity's attribute.
  • Turning off [Formura] checkbox on ER attribute's [Base] tab does not clear all the necessary information.

Mind Map     

  • Copy and paste of Mind Maps would fail if the Mind Map was created using the template that came with version 7.0 and earlier.
  • Sometimes loading Mind Maps would fail when opening an exsiting project file.


  • Astah API Sample applications would not run in some directories.
  • It is unable to set "Icon Notation" via API.
  • Inapporiate warning appears when compling one of API sample applications called "csvexporter".

High-Res Display       

  • Some icons and arrow images appear too small on the [Tools] - [Java] - [Import Java] dialogue on high-res display.
  • Size of all the buttons on the top right of the [Compare Diagram] screen is too small on high-res display.
  • Size of Astah window is too small when launching Astah for the first time on the high-res display.


  • Astah icon in Unity launcher does not appear clearly on Ubuntu.
New Auto-save feature and Advanced Font Setting.

Astah Professional

Strumento di modellazione UML di processo aziendale.

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