List & Label 23 Enterprise Reporting Edition

Ora include Report Server, una soluzione di reporting immediatamente installabile e pronta all'uso.
Novembre 03, 2017 - 12:48
Nuova versione


.NET Updates

  • New property DataBindingMode, defaulting to "DelayLoad". Only loads necessary meta data leading to a huge performance gain.
  • Added ability to configure relations between tables from different providers as long as they support the IAdvancedFiltering interface.
  • Queries for report parameters now use DISTINCT if possible, leading to a huge performance gain.
  • New Salesforce data provider.
  • Ad-hoc Designer available as new control, new sample.
  • Report Server is part of the Enterprise Edition, new API to upload data sources and project files, new samples.
  • HTML5 viewer supports changing the current page by scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • The DbCommandSetDataProvider has a new event Execute DbCommand that allows changing the created commands before they are sent to the database.
  • Web Designer:
    • Added support for all cookie-based authentication types, including OWIN / ASP.NET Identity.
    • Removed dependencies on the jQuery and jQuery Mobile frameworks.
    • New properties to set the user interface language for a client.

General Updates

  • The designer shows virtual formula variables underneath the fields and variables (e.g. "first letter" for strings).
  • Pie and donut charts support setting pie coverage. Enables a number of new chart layouts, e.g. half pie charts.
  • The chart object supports signal ranges in order to highlight certain areas.
  • Support for SVG as image format.
  • SVG export completely overhauled.
  • Crosstabs can be edited directly in the workspace, new context ribbon.
  • The Designer's error list window contents can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Copied user variables now support custom names.
  • Allow date values for minimum / maximum aggregate functions.
  • The time part of report parameters of the date type can now be selected in a date/time picker.
  • Reduced memory footprint for crosstabs.
  • Added new export option 'PDF.FileAttachments'for PDF export to be able to add additional files into the resulting PDF container.
  • Improved line break behavior for RTF contents in XHTML support.
  • New preview scaling option allows a page to be displayed in its true physical size when setting the zoom to 100% in the preview.
  • Signature provider esiCAPI in option Export.SignatureProvider is not supported anymore.
  • Word Export now supports only Microsoft Word 2010 and higher.
  • Variables with invalid characters can now be treated as such.

API Updates

  • The option LL_OPTION_POSTPAINT_TABLESEPARATORS is the new default.
  • The option LL_OPTION_PARTSHARINGFLAGS now defaults to 0xff.

Report Server Updates

  • Ad-hoc Designer:
    • New chart types "Radar/Web", "Treemap" and "Funnel"
    • Possibility to group after a certain number of characters
    • Possibility to cancel the preview for extensive data sources
    • Simplified table selection
  • Report Elements:
    • Shapefiles are now supported
    • SVG graphics are now supported
    • Data Sources:
    • Salesforce is now supported
    • Relations between diverse data sources
    • SQLite data sources now support the query assistant
    • The Advantage Database Server is now supported via ODBC driver
  • Scheduled Reports:
    • Support of placeholder/variables
    • Filename of email attachments can now be defined
    • Filename when copying to network drives can now be defined
    • User defined directory and filename for FTP upload can now be defined
  • Report Server Designer: Application is now DPI-Aware
  • System requirements: The lowest supported operating system is now Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-Bit)
List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition

List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition

Generatore di report con progettazione di report per gli sviluppatori di software.

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