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ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC 2017 v3

Aggiunge il controllo TreeMap lato server per ASP.NET 4.0 e ASP.NET Core.
Novembre 16, 2017 - 16:24
Nuova versione


  • Added server-side TreeMap control for ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET Core.
  • New LearnMVC Client sample tutorials teach the basics of the client-side framework in the context of ASP.NET MVC, and you can also delve deeper into each control to learn its architecture and example APIs. Tutorials include:
    • CollectionView
    • FlexGrid
    • FlexChart
    • Input
    • TreeView
  • Project Templates updated for ASP.NET Core 2.0
    • Model Binding
    • AJAX Binding
    • SpreadSheet
  • The Project Template Gallery has also been created to better organize all templates.
  • Improved accessibility, ARIA 1.1 built-in support added to:
    • FlexGrid
    • TreeView
    • Gauge
    • ListBox
    • ComboBox
    • Menu
  • Client Side API Improvements
    • FlexGrid - Added two new properties to improve FlexGrid keyboard accessibility: keyActionTab and keyActionEnter. These properties allow you to customize the behavior of special keys so the grid becomes more accessible or more compatible with Excel.
    • FlexGrid - Added a new FlexGrid.itemValidator property to improve validation support, especially for unbound grids (bound grids can be validated using the CollectionView.getError property which provides the same functionality).
    • Calendar - Added several new properties to make the Calendar control more customizable: formatYearMonth, formatDayHeaders, formatDays, formatYear, and formatMonths. All these properties represent format strings used to format different parts of the Calendar in month and year view.
    • Calendar - Added time zone offset date format parts ('z', 'zz', 'zzz') to Globalize.formatDate.
    • Popup - Made Popup ignore Escape key while IME mode is active.
    • Popup - Added a Popup.removeOnHide property to control whether the Popup should be removed from the DOM or just hidden when the popup closes.
    • ReportViewer - Hide the Parameters tab if all parameters are hidden.
    • MultiSelect - Added a MultiSelect.selectAllLabel property to customize the label shown next to the "Select All" checkbox displayed when the showSelectAllCheckbox property is set to true.
    • MultiSelect - Added a MultiSelect.showSelectAllCheckbox property to display a "Select All" checkbox above the items, so users can select/de-select all items with a single click (in addition to the ctrl+A keyboard shortcut that performs the same function).
    • OLAP - Added some configuration properties to the wijmo.olap.PivotEngine class: serverTimeOut: the timeout value for retrieving results from the server, serverPollInterval: the poll interval for getting progress reports from the server, serverMaxDetail: the maximum number of detail records to retrieve from the server.
    • CollectionView - Add forceRefresh method in RemoteCollectionView. This method is useful in case when DisableServerRead is true but changes need to be sent to server.
    • CollectionView - Improved DateTime processing and added OnClientReponseTextParsing and OnClientRequestDataStringifying client side events to make explicit transformations. Read more.

ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC

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