List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition 24

Aggiunge la possibilità di creare tabelle e campi incrociati semplicemente trascinando i campi nell'area di lavoro.
Novembre 30, 2018 - 11:41
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  • Enhanced Performance
    • List & Label’s processing speed was boosted significantly. In list projects, 20% higher speeds are achieved on average, regardless of the data source or development environment. Even greater performance improvements are achievable with ADO .NET when large numbers of 1:1 relations are employed.
  • Creating a Crosstab via Drag and Drop
    • Users can now create both tables and crosstabs simply by dragging fields to their workspace. This is a very intuitive way to build a basic crosstab that can be edited later.
  • Converting Crosstabs to Charts and Vice Versa
    • In terms of underlying data, crosstabs and charts have much in common. In reports, a chart is often included with a crosstab to visualize the data. This can now be performed directly from within the object window or ribbon. It is also possible to convert charts into crosstabs.
  • Find and Replace
    • The Designer now provides a powerful find and replace function. It enables developers and users to quickly and easily update reports to changes of file names, tables,variables etc.
  • Expandable Regions for Groups
    • Users can intuitively drilldown within grouped lists by expanding and collapsing selected regions. This feature is available in the preview and in the HTML5 viewer.
  • Support for .NET Standard 2.0
    • The new Web Assembly supports .NET Standard 2.0, which means List & Label can now be integrated into the latest ASP.NET MVC Core applications.
  • Drilldown Support in the HTML5 Viewer
    • Drilldown in charts has long been possible in desktop applications. Now we have introduced this functionality to Web Reporting. Active link areas can be added to chart segments, and users simply click to access the underlying data.
  • SVG-Format Charts in the HTML5 Viewer
    • In browsers and when exporting to XHTML, all charts, shapefiles (e.g. for geovisualization) and barcodes are now rendered in SVG format. This means that despite small file sizes, image quality is excellent, even when zoomed.
  • Rscript for Additional Charts
    • List & Label already offers a wide variety of charts. But data can be represented in countless ways, and combit has connected Rscript to List & Label to offer an even greater choice. Rscript is an established language for statistical computing and graphics that supports visualization of virtually any kind. This extends List & Label’s existing report-layout and data-access options to include the huge range of charts and graphics provided by Rscript.
  • Embedded Export Formats
    • Export Formats can be embedded in preview files for later export to Microsoft Excel and Word, MHTML and XHTML – in addition to PDF and the graphics formats that LL already offers. It lets users open the preview file in the free List & Label viewer and export to the specified formats.
  • Parametrized Data Sources
    • Thanks to parametrized data sources, List & Label’s powerful filtering options can now be used anywhere. This feature lets you combine data-source parameters with actual report parameters in the Designer. As a result, the parameters of a stored procedure, for example, can be employed as report parameters. The feature is also available for REST and JSON in the Report Server.
  • Seamless Refresh for Preview
    • E.g. for drilldown and other interactive preview features, the preview is now seamlessly refreshed when new content has been generated.
  • Preview Tailored to Application
    • A variety of settings allows software developers to tailor the preview to their application’s look & feel. Colors and shading can be changed, plus the selection frame and how page numbers are displayed.
  • Country Flags
    • With the new CountryFlag function an SVG graphic of the required country flag can be created anywhere in a report.
  • Nested Tables
    • Nested tables are now supported in group headers and header lines. Users can include data in group headers quickly and easily from a sub-table. In header lines, this feature is limited to static content.
  • Preview from Individual Pages
    • The preview can now be broken down into preferred page ranges. Afterwards users can recombine resulting individual files in any order, enabling entirely new ways to restructure an existing report on the fly.
  • Web Designer: Custom Objects/Functions
    • Developers can add custom designer functions and designer objects to the Web Designer configuration on the server. They are then available to clients (also possible for the Report Server). This means the Web Designer can be extended as needed (just like the classic Desktop Designer).
  • Animations for XHTML Export
    • Most objects now have an HTML animation property. This enables animation of objects displayed in the browser in a similar way to that possible in the preview window. Simply select one of the nine available animation types and specify the delay and duration. This feature is also available in the Report Server.
  • Requested Features in the Ad-hoc Designer
    • The option “Instantly refresh preview when changes are made” can be selected to update the preview as soon as the layout has been modified.
    • For rapid preview generation with extensive data sources, the quantity of data can be restricted by selecting “Limit data volume for faster preview display”.
    • Another improvement: you can now select your preferred format for the output date.
  • Report Server: New Actions for Scheduled Reports
    • In addition to distribution by email, via FTP or Microsoft SharePoint, scheduled reports can now be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Report Server: Native Apps for iOS and Android
    • The new Report Server apps (to be available from App Store resp. Play Store) allows access to key Report Server functions natively on almost any mobile device. The app loads faster than the complete browser-based user interface and uses very little bandwidth. Currently Android, iOS and Windows are supported.
Create Crosstabs via drag & drop.

List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition

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