LinqConnect v4.8.1694

Aggiunge il supporto per Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate 4 e per PostgreSQL 11.
March 29, 2019 - 11:30
Nuova versione


  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate 4
  • Support for .NET Standard 2.0.
  • Support for .NET Core 2.0.
  • PostgreSQL 11 support.
  • Support for macaddr8 data type introduced in PostgreSQL 10.
  • Improved performance generating complex queries.
  • Generate CROSS JOIN LATERAL and LEFT JOIN LATERAL when connecting to PostgreSQL Server 9.3 or higher.
  • The XmlMappingSource.FromResource method is supported in .NET Standard provider assemblies
  • Added destructor for DataContext.
  • New overload DataContext.Refresh(bool ignoreErrors, RefreshMode mode, object entity) added for ignoring errors during refresh.
  • The existing overload DataContext.Refresh(RefreshMode mode, object entity) is now improved: its check avoids the try to refresh the entity that is added to the context but not submitted to the database.
  • All existing overloads of DataContext.Query() method are replaced with DataContext.Query<TResult>(String,params Object[]).


Strumento da LINQ a SQL avanzato per i database.

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