DevExpress WinForms 19.2.6

Migliora i controlli Barre, Grafici e Griglia.
Gennaio 31, 2020 - 16:11
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All WinForms products

  • AccessViolationException is randomly thrown in the SkinImageColorizer.CalcLightness method
  • BonusSkins - Gray SVG Icons are not visible in AccordionControl when the High Contrast skin is applied
  • ToolTipController - It is impossible to enter multiline text for the attached ToolTip property at design time
  • Vector skin element borders render incorrectly at high DPI scaling when a non-default palette is set

Assembly Deployment Tool

  • An application configuration file is set incorrectly when the Assembly Deployment Tool is used
  • Invalid resulting config file name after deployment
  • The tool crashes Visual Studio 16.3.8 on specific projects

Data Access Library

  • MVC Dashboard Designer - InvalidCastException occurs on an attempt to retrieve data from RedShift
  • SqlDataSource - The SqlDataSource field information is modified on calling the ClearRows method

Installation (.NET)

  • The digital signature of DevExpress assemblies has the SHA-1 timestamp instead of SHA-2

MVVM Framework

  • MVVM - The ViewModelRelease event is not raised

PDF Viewer

  • Insertion point disappears from a multi-line textbox in PDFViewer
  • Parsing - An inline ASCII85-encoded image without the EOD marker cannot be parsed
  • Parsing - Document can't be read if the 'pdf version' property is set to 2.0 or corrupted
  • Performance - Application hangs when parsing an incorrect content stream
  • Rendering - A JPX image with an embedded transparency channel cannot be rendered
  • Usability - There is no public API to determine the path to a loaded file in the PdfViewer.PasswordRequested event
  • Writing - File attachment data is written incorrectly if the source document is encrypted

Project Templates

  • VS2017 - The DevExpress Template Gallery is not available in the "Add New Item.." project dialog


  • An image is not loaded by a relative reference from an OpenXML document in some cases

XtraBars Suite

  • A corrupted icon object with a zero handle is created due to the Icon handle leak and this leads to the "Cannot access a disposed object" exception
  • A shortcut does not focus a Parametrized Action
  • AccordionControl - Hovering over an image raises an exception if this image uses ImageLayoutMode different from OriginalSize
  • AdornerUIManager - Badges are not shown on using the RTL mode
  • AdornerUIManager's Guide is incorrectly drawn when a parent form is maximized
  • AlertForm - Alert windows do not take into account the currently active screen
  • BackstageViewControl items disappear after changing properties via the Visual Studio designer
  • BarManager's Designer does not restore a saved layout if complex types were serialized
  • Child MDI form buttons are not shown in RibbonForm when the Office White palette is used
  • DockManager - DockHints aren't highlighted on hovering over on monitors with 150 DPI
  • DockManager - NullReferenceException is thrown when the panel layout cannot be saved
  • FluentDesignForm - Changing the FluentDesignFormControl.Manager's AllowCustomization property at design time doesn't have effect at runtime
  • GalleryControl - A selected item is painted with artifacts
  • GDI object leak occurs when the DocumentManager.ShowThumbnailsInTaskBar option is enabled
  • KeyTips appear in RibbonControl even after mouse clicks
  • NotSupportedException is thrown when a new float panel is maximized
  • NulReferenceException is thrown on accessing the Badge.Properties.CanUseImage property
  • RecentItemControl - Labels aren't visible in the BluePrint skin
  • RibbonControl - BarListItem's popup doesn't open after the layout is restored via WorkspaceManager
  • RibbonControl - ExpandCollapseButton is incorrectly translated into German
  • RibbonControl - It is not possible to assign items to the status bar via the Ribbon designer
  • RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown in the RibbonPageHeaderViewInfo.CalcAvailableHeaderRect method at design time
  • RibbonControl - Page header state does not refresh correctly in the Office 2019 skin when ribbon animation is disabled
  • RibbonControl - SvgImage is drawn differently if it is specified using ImageIndex or SvgImage
  • RibbonControl accessibility - The NVDA tool reads incorrect text when KeyTips are enabled and the arrow key is pressed
  • RibbonForm - Child forms do not use the parent form's client area when using the standard SetParent method from user32.dll
  • RibbonForm - RibbonStatusBar flickers on the form resize if the Form.AutoSize option is enabled
  • RibbonForm's shadow is displayed on the main monitor after opening and closing a backstage view on a secondary monitor
  • System.ObjectDisposedException is thrown when opening an internal editor's context menu inside ColorPickEdit
  • TabForm - A page cannot be activated for the first time if at least one page is hidden
  • The AccordionControl container flicks before WebBrowser is shown
  • The numeric link accelerator does not work for BarItem when the numeric keypad is used
  • The state of floating DockPanels isn't stored when DocumentManager's layout is saved
  • ToolbarForm - Links do not merge

XtraCharts Suite

  • An unhandled exception (NullReferenceException) can be thrown on rendering ChartControl if the DirectX mode is enabled
  • An unhandled exception is thrown on invoking the Chart Designer with a custom Series View class
  • Chart Designer - The Axis.VisibilityInPanes property modification is saved incorrectly
  • Export to PDF - Line Series segments are drawn with artifacts in the resulting PDF file
  • HTML Formatting - Subscript and superscript tags are processed incorrectly
  • Indicators - Commodity Channel Index indicator values are calculated incorrectly
  • Indicators - The Legend.MaxCrosshairContentWidth property value is incorrectly applied when an indicator is displayed in a separate Legend
  • Indicators - The Williams R indicator's values are incorrectly calculated
  • It is impossible to cancel the Axis.WholeRange property change using Chart Designer
  • OutOfMemoryException is raised when zooming out a chart with the Spline series
  • Series Labels disappear when placing a mouse pointer near labels if the DirectX rendering option is enabled
  • The chart control displays Side By Side series overlapped after updating certain settings at runtime


  • It is impossible to specify names for diagram items in the Visual Studio Diagram Designer
  • Text in shapes created in Visio isn't shown in DiagramControl

XtraEditors Library

  • ButtonEdit - Different string alignment in an HTML line with different fonts
  • Document Manager - Small document (form) icons are replaced with their large versions after the upgrade to version 19.2.5
  • Documentation - Correct the CheckMember property description
  • GridLookUpEdit - The SetParameters method doesn't search against specified columns
  • GridLookUpEdit does not accept a pasted text
  • GroupControl - A black border is drawn when using the Office 2016 Colorful skin in RTL mode
  • GroupControl - The caption font style remains Bold when the control style is switched to Light at design time
  • How to enable the FormThickBorder option for fixed windows
  • LookUpEdit - When a popup is open, values are not read when navigating by a keyboard, and when a popup is closed, a selected value is read twice
  • MemoExEdit - OK button in the dropdown is disabled flashing from enabled to disabled
  • NVDA screen reader utters ComboBoxEdit and LookupEdit's values twice instead of the accessible name and value
  • PopupGalleryEdit - A popup window is not scrolled to a selected item
  • PopupGalleryEdit - An incorrect Palette name is selected when calling the SkinHelper.InitSkinPaletteGallery method
  • PopupGalleryEdit - Popup form width becomes large after calling the SkinHelper.InitSkinPaletteGallery method if no palettes exist
  • PropertyGridControl - A value is reset when RepositoryItemSpinEdit is used to edit a field of an object that implements the IListSource interface
  • RangeControl - Unselected range is hardly visible in Office2019 Dark Gray skin
  • RibbonControl - It's impossible to set the LookUpEdit.ErrorText property and validate RepositoryItemLookUpEdit
  • SearchLookUpEdit - An incorrect name is read by Narrator when the Find Panel is focused
  • SearchLookUpEdit - Narrator reads the redundant Editable word when a user focuses any cell in the dropdown
  • SvgImageBox and PictureEdit - There is no capability to disable SVG colors according to the current skin
  • The form shadow is not shown the first time
  • TimeSpanEdit doesn't allow modifying its value if Min/MaxValue are set and a special mask is applied
  • TokenEdit - A dropdown filter is no longer applied after a token is deleted
  • TokenEdit - Narrator does not read all tokens when an editor is focused
  • XtraDialog - Dialog buttons are misplaced when the dialog form auto-adjusts its size


  • Connectors are incorrectly painted when a node size in GanttControl is increased

XtraGauges Suite

  • Usability - The LabelComponent.Position property is not localizable

XtraGrid Suite

  • A detail view does not display data in the Right To Left layout if ShowIndicator is false
  • ArgumentException is thrown on displaying FontEdit's dropdown if the System.Drawing.Graphics class is used for text rendering (ForceGDIPlusPaint)
  • Asynchronous Image Load - Thumbnails are not automatically refreshed when using certain data sources
  • CSV Export - Question marks appear in the exported document when the Windows-1252 encoding is used
  • Data-Aware export - Empty cells are exported if an in-place HypertextLabel is used and the cells contain plain text
  • Excel Inspired filter popup does not work correctly when displayed for a DateTime column with the applied Between filter
  • ExcelFilterPopup truncates its content in a PerMonitor DPI aware application
  • ExportAggregator - Appearance settings do not apply in the case of conditional formatting and the ApplyToRow property
  • FindPanel - The Magnifying glass icon is visible and active regardless of the OptionsFind.AllowFindPanel value
  • An incorrect value is shown in a custom group summary when the CustomSummaryCalculate event is used in Server Mode
  • Group row text is not mirrored and is painted to the left in the printed document when RTL is enabled
  • The Excel filter cuts highlighted Arabic text
  • The NVDA tool incorrectly reads the focused row
  • GridControl doesn't provide a public method to copy selected records for further usage
  • GridLookUpEdit does not accept a pasted text
  • Conditional Formatting is incorrectly redrawn when Find Panel is used
  • DeleteSelectedRows doesn't remove selected rows if the selection is bound to data
  • Icons are not skinned in selected group rows
  • Images in the Auto Filter Row are not visible when the row is focused without a background color in the Bezier skin
  • Rows are re-sorted after pasting copied values if the ImmediateUpdateRowPosition option is disabled
  • The CopyToClipboard method copies plain text in Formatted mode if the grid has a DateTime column and the MultiSelectMode property is set to CellSelect
  • GridView's scrolling works slowly when there are many columns with assigned conditional formatting rules
  • HTML markup is displayed in tooltips on the XtraGrid control's print preview
  • LayoutView - Grid Designer crashes Visual Studio when the Create Tabbed Group item is clicked
  • LayoutView - Narrator does not read values unless a corresponding editor is activated
  • LayoutView - The buttons separator in the header panel is visible when all buttons on the right side are hidden
  • LookUpEdit - The AutoSuggestComplete event does not fire when LookupEdit is used as an in-place editor
  • Some date constants are unavailable in the FilterEditor popup list
  • Text in the Row Preview Section is truncated on printing
  • Text is cut off in the Print Option form when the Greek localization is used
  • RepositoryItemHypertextLabel displays nothing if a corresponding cell contains only the Image tag
  • The ClearSelection method works incorrectly if View is filtered by the CheckBoxSelectorField field

XtraLayout Suite

  • DataLayoutControl - ArgumentException is thrown when the BindingSource.DataMember property is set to DataTable
  • An exception is thrown after hiding a layout item if a custom Customization Form is used
  • The default group is created instead of its descendant when a group descendant is copied
  • TablePanel - A layout is not updated when hiding child controls
  • XtraDialog - The dialog's auto height is calculated incorrectly if the embedded XtraUserControl contains LabelControl with the enabled AllowHtmlString option


  • An unhandled exception (System.NullReferenceException) occurs when performing a custom Search operation
  • The ChartDataSourceAdapter.ItemMinSize property modification does not affect the Pie Chart size


  • Items do not support accessibility when navigating with a keyboard
  • Selected item icon is barely visible in certain skins
  • WinForms - NavBarControl incorrectly scales SVG images specified in the LargeImages property

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • ArgumentException is raised when a new format rule is added under certain circumstances
  • InvalidCastException is thrown in the filter editor if you set an incorrect value to the DateDayOfWeek field
  • Memory Leak occurs in the PivotGrid control bound to a frequently updated data source
  • OLAP - A calculated field with the parallelperiod function does not work if FilterType = Included
  • Pivot Grid - It is impossible to implement the IQueryableConvertible interface because certain methods and properties are added/removed
  • Pivot grid displays text above field value borders if DirectX rendering is enabled
  • The CreateDrillDownDataSource method returns duplicate data fields if the Optimized engine is used

XtraPrinting Library

  • CSV Export - Question marks appear in the exported document when the Windows-1252 encoding is used
  • GridView for WebForms - The document footer does not display correctly during the grid export to a DOCX document
  • HTML markup is displayed in tooltips on the XtraGrid control's print preview
  • Print Preview -> The 'Header and Footer 'dialog doesn't have new style SVG icons

XtraReports Suite

  • A control's content is not printed completely if the TextFitMode property is set to 'ShrinkAndGrow'
  • ColorPickEdit - The context menu doesn't use a global skin
  • Convert Bindings to Expressions - The error message is not informative
  • Document Viewer - Search functionality is not working on the Document Map panel
  • Document Viewer - Some context menus and tooltips don't use a global skin
  • End-User Report Designer - A vertical scrollbar doesn't appear if the PropertyGridDockPanel.UseOfficeInspiredView property is set to False
  • End-User Report Designer - Default report pages (page margins) used to create new reports are calculated incorrectly
  • End-User Report Designer - Design In Report Wizard - The Paper Width and Height do not match the currently edited report settings
  • Error when exporting a report in xlsx format
  • Export to Excel - Report is not exported correctly if CachedReportSource and the Data Binding mode are used
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when showing a report with a subreport in PageHeader if the subreport has a band whose PageBreak property is set to BeforeBand
  • System.ObjectDisposedException is thrown when opening an internal editor's context menu inside ColorPickEdit
  • The DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.ZOderMultiColumnBuilder.FindVerticalHeader method throws a NullReferenceException on report preview
  • The 'Ellipsis Character' is not shown if a label is rotated
  • Visual Studio 2019 + Devexpress Report Designer 19.2 issues
  • Web Document Viewer - Changes made in preview are lost in the exported HTML document
  • XRCrossTab - TextFormatString does not work for grouped column headers
  • XRPivotGrid - PreFilter is ignored when calculated fields are used in the filter criteria
  • XtraReport - Document generation is slow if invalid image URLs are used
  • XtraReport - Mail Merge fields are not available in the XRControl.BeforePrint script handler
  • XtraReport - XRPageInfo shows an incorrect page number for groups (v19.2+)


  • A double click on header/footer content behaves differently in RichEditControl and Microsoft Word
  • An image is not loaded by a relative reference from an OpenXML document in some cases
  • Documents generated using RichEditControl are incorrectly rendered in Microsoft Word
  • Images are saved to Html with incorrect size on a machine with non-standard DPI settings
  • Paragraph numbering is duplicated on an attempt to type text at the beginning of the paragraph that contains RTL content
  • The "Find and Replace" dialog - Pressing ALT + I focuses the "Find" field instead of "replace with"
  • XtraRichEdit - Protection settings are incorrectly applied when saving a protected Word document

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Appointment Recurrence Form - The "Recur every" caption in the "Yearly" resource pattern is not localized
  • AppointmentResourceEdit and ResourcesComboBoxControl do not support the In-Place Mode in a bar and RibbonControl
  • RecurrenceForm - Cannot cancel and remove recurrences if validation fails
  • Appointments disappear when a status line is painted using the CustomDrawAppointment event and DirectX is enabled
  • Appointments have incorrect spacing in the Timeline view when the SnapToCells option is disabled
  • Chinese text disappears from appointment subject the appointment size is small
  • The description goes beyond its appointment when the AppointmentDisplayOptions.AllowHtmlText option is enabled
  • The resource height is calculated incorrectly when the CellsAutoHeightOptions.Enable option is enabled
  • Tooltips show data in local time even if the TimeZoneId property is set to UTC
  • The SchedulerControl header has a white line when the GetTimeScaleHeaderCaption method returns multi-line text
  • Services.SchedulerState.IsDataRefreshAllowed always returns false when an appointment popup menu is opened.
  • YearlyRecurrenceControl - There is no way to localize the Year label via Localization Service


  • Spellchecker used in GridColumn - EditControl in BeforeCheck is empty
  • The main form loses focus after closing the Spell Check Complete dialog


  • An image with the Picture.Placement property set to Move or MoveAndSize is not moved with the cell when this cell is sorted
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to draw a trimmed cell text
  • SpreadsheetControl autofits only one row (instead of all worksheet rows) when the entire worksheet area is selected and the gap between two rows is double-clicked
  • SpreadsheetControl incorrectly calculates the Index function for array formulas
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when editing a cell value
  • The AlternativeText property isn't set when the ShapeInserted event is raised if cell range including shape was copied and pasted
  • The FormulaText function is calculated incorrectly
  • The Range function isn't calculated if it relies on the hidden cell range from the Detail range

XtraTreeList Suite

  • An image is not drawn in a column header if there is no sufficient space
  • BreadCrumbEdit's NodeChanged event fires twice on changing a bound TreeList's node
  • The data-aware export operation is slow when a progress bar is shown
  • TreeList - The EditFormHidden event does not fire
  • TreeList EditForm - A scrollbar is not shown when multiple fields are displayed
  • TreeListLookupEdit doesn't raise CustomColumnSort

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • End-User Report Designer - A vertical scrollbar doesn't appear if the PropertyGridDockPanel.UseOfficeInspiredView property is set to False
  • PropertyGridControl - RepositoryItemTokenEdit has no frame when using Office View
  • PropertyGridControl - The AllowHtmlText property is not taken into account when using Find Panel
  • PropertyGridControl - The BestFit method does not take into account the row header image
  • PropertyGridControl - The focused cell is drawn with artifacts after the editor validation when the Office view type is applied
  • PropertyGridControl casts a value to a string when an editor is activated
  • PropertyGridControl does not update values even if an object implements INotifyPropertyChanged
  • PropertyGridControl updates a property for all SelectedObjects items on changing the property for one item
  • CustomRecordCellEdit() - RecordIndex does not behave the same after the upgrade from 17.1.4 to 19.2.4
  • Event arguments of the CustomColumnDisplayText event always return -1 as a record index
  • The CopyToClipboardWithRowHeaders property is ignored
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