FastReport VCL Professional Edition v6.6.x

Aggiunge FastReport per Lazarus, oltre alla possibilità di filtrare variabili e funzioni nell'albero dati.
March 27, 2020 - 15:45
Nuova versione


  • Added filter to Report Tree for fast search of the report objects.
  • Added ability to filter Variables and Function in DataTree.
  • Added new search to preview control.
  • Added GS1Rule property to DataMatrix barcode (automatic support of GS1 rules).
  • Added new Pharmacode barcode type.
  • Added new frxBarcode2DEditor.
  • Added TfrxCustomCrossView.ShowCellBreak (default True) when set to False cross tab doesn't hide frames of split cells.
  • Added new type for hyperlinks (hkNone - do nothing. Useful when we need to disable hyperlink from the script).
  • Added New TfrxPreview.HideScrolls property and OnScrollMaxChange/OnScrollPosChange events (custom scrollbars implementation).
  • Added TfrxChartView.ClearSeries method.
  • Added label source for TOHLCSeries chart series.
  • Added new ColorBar property for all barcode types (set color of barcode data).
  • Improved chart editor dialog for Lazarus charts.
  • Improved HostControls/UnHostControls method are virtual now and moved to TfrxBaseForm.
  • Changed synchronization mechanism for syntax memo. Now worker thread(TfrxCodeCompletionThread) synchronizes via SendMessages instead of TThread.Synchronize.
  • CreateUniqueName with DefaultReport now copies objects from current object list.


  • Fixed tab order in the PDF export dialog.
  • Fixed bug with report thread while terminating main server thread with clients.
  • Fixed TTabSet drag and drop in the report designer.
  • Fixed Insert field button (DataTree).
  • Fixed bad fills of buttons in the style editor dialog (Lazarus).
  • Fixed object edges in the report designer for dotMatrix Report.
  • Fixed TfrxPageControl (Lazarus).
  • Fixed bug with TFIBBCDField calculation.
  • Fixed DialogPage in the report designer for Lazarus Win/unix (Lazarus).
  • Fixed export of some TeeChart Pro series in PDF and SVG exports.
  • First improvements for HiDPI under Lazarus.
  • Fixed Clouds Authentication from embedded browser(FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION).
  • Fixed incorrect RichView split.
  • Fixed bug when ConfigFileName was ignored.
  • Fixed compilation with TeePro version greater than seven
  • Fixed memory leaks (Lazarus).
  • Fixed printing from Linux(GTK) (Lazarus).
  • Fixed table split. In special scenarios row which doesn't fit on the page may disappear.
  • Fixed chart Highlight for stacked series.
  • Fixed export of Devanagari text in PDF export.
  • Fixed HABlock Align for Farsi language.
  • Fixed embedded map in Map object.
  • Fixed export of monospaced fonts in PDF Export.
  • Fixed text output under GTK(Linux) (Lazarus).
  • Fixed Cross editor in HiDPI.
  • Fixed CGI client and export from dialog reports (Client/Server).
  • Fixed export file names and extensions when exporting from web browser.
  • Fixed HTML tags case sensitivity in the HTML5div export.
  • Fixed TfrxEMFExport.
  • Fixed Data Tree Drag&Drop for variables and functions.
  • Fixed DataMatrix c40 and txt encodings for special symbols.
  • Fixed issue with loading RTF files in RichView control under Windows 10 (sometime loads as plain text).
  • Fixed bug in PDF export when XObject list clears on every page which increase size of PDF file with pictures.
  • Fixed bug in big XLS (Excel 97 BIFF8) files.
  • Fixed exported file name in Client/Server components(from Web browser).
  • Fixed PDF export with GapX, GapY < 0.
  • Fixed Client/Server components when export report with dialog page from web browser.
  • Fixed quick buttons in the MDI preview.
  • HiDPI fixes for frxSynMemo: Saving/Loading font size for different DPI, GutterWidth, line marks, breakpoints marks.
  • HiDPI fixes for RegEditorsDialog: CheckBox, ComboBox arrow, DropDown list width on first show.
  • Fixed draw of icons on StatusBar in the report designer for HiDPI.
  • Fixed TfrxTreePanel FileterMinWidth/FileterMaxWidth for HiDPI.
  • Fixed font size in font ComboBox preview (HiDPI).
  • Fixed font preview position in font ComboBox(HiDPI).
  • Fixed band caption in HiDPI mode when the primary monitor has scale greater than 150%.
  • Fixed TfrxComboBox.ListWidth in HiDPI (primary monitor with HiRes).
  • Fixed system dialogs(Font/Color) in HiDPI Per-Monitor V2 mode.
  • Fixed ComboBox positions in the report designer for low custom scaling (less than 150%).
  • Fixed frxProgress dialog in HiDPI mode.
  • Fixed Image Resources for low scaling values (less than 150%).
  • Fixed wrong anchor in dataset editor.
  • Fixed flickering of the data tree for internal datasets after closing preview.
FastReport VCL filter Variables.

FastReport VCL Professional Edition

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