FastReport VCL Professional Edition v6.7.x

Aggiunge il supporto per Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4.
Giugno 03, 2020 - 7:42
Nuova versione


  • Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4.
  • Added InPlaceEditor for TfrxRichView to edit RichView in the preview window.
  • Added Swiss Payment Standard presets for QRCode barcode.
  • Added Logo property for QRCode barcode.
  • Added extended support of TeeChart pro series:
    • TPolarContourSeries, TEquiVolumeSeries, TCircularGauge,
    • TClockGauge, TNumericGauge, TBigCandleSeries,
    • TDeltaPointSeries, TImageBarSeries, TImagePointSeries,
    • TWindRoseSeries, TErrorPoint3DSeries, TErrorPointSeries,
    • TEqualizerSeries, TBeeSwarmSeries, TPolarGridSeries, TOrgSeries, TKagiSeries,
    • TRenkoSeries,TTagCloudSeries, THighLowLineSeries,
    • TVolumePipeSeries, TTreeMapSeries, TKnobGauge, TRoseSeries,
    • TTernarySeries,TDarvasSeries.
  • Added helper for Fill casting AsBrushFill/AsGradientFill/AsGlassFill (TfrxCustomFill).
  • Added TfrxPostProcessor.ResetDuplicates - can reset duplicated from script.
  • Added DrillState property to rtti (check how to use in 151.fr3 report).
  • Added arrows left - right keys for filtration during Code completion.
  • Added Processing for TfrxSysMemoView.
  • Added TfrxDesigner.OnAfterUpdateReport event.
  • Added New "What's new" report.
  • Improved few demo reports in MainDemo.
  • [Lazarus] Added LazChart RTTI modules.
  • Code completion now replaces whole ident, not just insert new in cursor position.
  • Code completion window can now be resized.
  • [Lazarus] Optimized MaxiCode output.
  • [Lazarus] Fixed modal dialogs in preview under Linux GTK.
  • [Lazarus] Optimized work with fonts under Linux GTK.


  • [Lazarus] Fixed bug when TfrxBitBtnControl doesn't show glyph when run designer from Lazarus IDE.
  • [Lazarus] Fixed Toolbar in the report designer for scale larger than 100%.
  • Fixed preview tabs in custom preview control.
  • Syntax memo Drag and Drop DataTree insert text to mouse position.
  • Syntax memo code completion disabled inside string 'Text' block.
  • Fixed Images in PPTX export with screen scale 125%.
  • Fixed text wrap for CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET charset in non unicode output.
  • Inherited reports convert path to short if its too long.
  • Inherited reports Loading optimized.
  • Use PostScript font name in PDF when font name contains multi-byte chars.
  • Fixed bug when reports threads may stall inside IIS DLL (New synch threads mechanism for DLL).
  • Fixed scope of script variables in code completion.
  • Fixed var parameter in declaration for code completion.
  • Fixed code completion bug for variables declared in group like : 'm1, m2, m3: TfrxView;'.
  • [Lazarus] Fixed Map object de-serialization of points.
  • [Lazarus] Fixed bug with preview PageCache which causes wrong behavior in interactive reports.
  • Interactive charts fix with zoom in preview.
  • Fixed RestoreDefaults behavior.
  • Fixed bug when interactive events may fire before chart was filled.
  • Fixed bug with TfrxMapGeodataLayer.MapDataSet in Map Editor dialog.
  • Fixed bug with Mercator property.
  • Fixed Detail report bug when rebuilds report using TfrxCustomPreview.Report (Collapse/expand drills).
  • Fixed bug with KeepHeader and ReprintOnNewPage in multi-column reports.
  • Fixed font charset for RTF export.
FastReport VCL Professional Edition

FastReport VCL Professional Edition

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