DevExtreme 20.1.7

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Agosto 27, 2020 - 14:37
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DevExtreme Core

  • DevExtreme does not attach additional classes to dx-viewport in Google Chrome 84 on the first load.
  • NumberBox - Pressing the minus key and then "0" changes the value sign.

DevExtreme Data Grid

  • Header caption of column type buttons has a different style than in other header captions.
  • Incorrect summary alignment if hidingPriority is used.
  • A dragged item hangs and stops moving for a while when the mouse leaves the scroll area.
  • A hover style is not applied to fixed column rows in Firefox.
  • A validation frame is not displayed if the repaintChangesOnly option is enabled in Batch editing mode.
  • An attempt to add a new row on first load when state storing and column fixing is used produces an error.
  • An infinite loading panel appears after adding a new row.
  • Column headers are misaligned with row lines if the grid has the band layout.
  • ColumnChooser - Column captions are not updated when mode is 'select'.
  • DataGrid incorrectly hides columns in certain cases if the masterDetail.autoExpandAll option is set to true.
  • Dragging performance is low during cross component drag and drop if DataGrid contains many rows.
  • Fixed columns have duplicated IDs.
  • Horizontal double arrows are shown on an attempt to resize a grid column during the editing process in Cell and Batch edit modes.
  • It is not possible to scroll a column with TagBoxes using a mouse wheel when the control's multiline property is disabled.
  • Scrolling does not work properly when rowRenderingMode is set to 'virtual' and focusedRowEnabled is set to 'true'.
  • The getSelectedRowsData method returns filtered rows after deselecting all rows if selection.deferred is True and a filter is applied.
  • The onFocusedCellChanging/onFocusedRowChanging event is not raised when a group row is collapsed and a data row in the group is focused.
  • The order of edit icons is incorrect when RTL is enabled.
  • The revert button doesn't work.
  • There is no space between a TagBox tag and a grid cell border when the Material Theme is applied.
  • Validation message is displayed incorrectly in Firefox.
  • DataGrid does not validate a cell if its value is not defined in an editing row.
  • DataGrid doesn't remove a green border from a Boolean column in batch editing mode.
  • DataGrid loses nested group rows after calling the expandAll method if a grouped column has calculateDisplayValue.
  • DataGrid resets modified cell values during keyboard navigation if there are no editable cells.
  • DataGrid selects the LookUp text with disabled typing when SelectTextOnEditStart is True.

DevExtreme Data Visualization

  • Chart - Zoom is not working when colored labels of an axis are used.
  • PieChart - Widget placed in a table is not rendered when sizeGroup is used.

DevExtreme Diagram

  • An exported file's name cannot be changed.
  • Data in the store is already updated in ArrayStore.onUpdating.
  • Shape connector data source doesn't update the edge text field if its initial value is empty.
  • The context menu is closed as soon as the right mouse button is released on Apple macOS.
  • The toolbox is still visible after a popup element with the widget is closed.

DevExtreme File Management

  • The "Delete" dialog layout is not correct when deleting an item with long name.
  • There is no suitable API to get a current folder/file for which a context menu is invoked.

DevExtreme Gantt

  • Gantt - The tree list is not synchronized with timeline in Ubuntu when scrolling.
  • Gantt for JavaScript - Row height is different in TreeList and Gantt areas in Safari.

DevExtreme Html Editor

  • Nested lists cannot be displayed correctly if the editor has nested content.
  • The widget height is calculated incorrectly if the placeholder text occupies several lines.
  • TextBox - The Active state is not applied to a custom button on a click if the control is in the read-only state.

DevExtreme Pivot Grid

  • A horizontal scroll bar is always visible on high-DPI screens if native scrolling is enabled.
  • Server Mode - Redundant filter conditions are sent to the server if multiple rows / columns are expanded.

DevExtreme Scheduler

  • An error is thrown on opening an appointment popup if server-side wrappers are used.
  • An error occurs on changing the "dataSource" or "target" option to undefined.
  • An incorrect endDate argument in the appointmentDragging.onAdd handler.
  • Appointment tooltip closes immediately in certain cases.
  • Extra Load indicator is displayed when e.cancel is set to true in the onAppointmentUpdating event handler.
  • The Agenda view is rendered incorrectly on narrow screens.
  • Scheduler loads data multiple times after changing its data source and other options that influence the date range.

DevExtreme Tree List

  • Data is not displayed properly when a node's parent ID value is null and rootValue is not null.
  • Recursive selection does not work properly with keyboard navigation.

DevExtreme UI Widgets

  • Calendar - The state of the next and previous months does not corresponds to the widget's "disabled" option when switching at runtime.
  • Form Editing - An error is thrown when dxCheckBox is specified on form items for object dataFields.
  • It is not possible to scroll a column with TagBoxes using a mouse wheel when the control's multiline property is disabled.
  • DateBox - The widget picker scrolls two items on every mouse wheel move if pickerType is "rollers".
  • DateBox - useMaskBehavior doesn't limit the user input in IME mode.
  • DateBox: Hour and minute values are cropped in Material themes.
  • Drawer - The shading option doesn't work if content contains TabPanel or DataGrid and openedStateMode is 'shrink'.
  • DropDownBox - Validation message is hidden when dropdown is opened.
  • FilterBuilder does not localize editor values for Boolean fields.
  • Form - itemOption does not remove old options of an editor when editorType is cnahged in v19.2.8.
  • Gallery - An indicator element doesn't respond to taps on Apple iOS.
  • Lookup - Missing accessibility elements.
  • Lookup's location and size are incorrect in the Material theme when certain items are invisible.
  • Menu - An item closes immediately after being opened when hideSubmenuOnMouseLeave is true.
  • Menu - Item in the onItemClick handler is incorrect when keyboard navigation is used to "click" items.
  • NumberBox - escaped characters in the format mask can affect the number of editable symbols in the fraction part.
  • NumberBox - Pressing the minus key and then "0" changes the value sign.
  • Overlay-based widgets - A widget is incorrectly positioned when its container is animated.
  • An error occurs on changing the "dataSource" or "target" option to undefined.
  • SelectBox - It is not possible to make the width of the drop-down list less than the SelectBox width.
  • SelectBox - Scrolling to the bottom when additional data is loaded changes the view back to its topmost items.
  • TagBox - FieldTemplate doesn't allow a user to remove tags.
  • TagBox - FieldTemplate makes a placehoder persistent.
  • TagBox - The written text disappears when entering spaces.
  • TextBox - It is possible to insert autosuggested text if a numerical mask is set.
  • TextBox - The placeholder is overlapped with a nbsp placeholder on iOS.
  • TreeView - The "Cannot read property 'toString' of null" error occurs on adding a new item to a store.
  • TreeView does not allow expanding items after repaint.
  • Web Dashboard - Pivot column headers are not synchronized with cells on scrolling when Dashboard is located in ASPxPageControl.


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