DevExpress WinForms 20.1.7

Migliora i controlli Grafici, Editor e Griglia pivot.
Agosto 27, 2020 - 14:51
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  • FilteringUIContext doesn't display the indicator triangle in AccordionControl when its layout changes.
  • HTML - Closed br tag produces incorrect symbols.
  • NullreferenceException is thrown in LayoutGroupHandler when the form with LayoutControl is resized.
  • Skin Editor - Building a skin assembly using a shell command fails.
  • WinAppDriver - Its impossible to identify when an element is visible or not.
  • WinForms - The main window intersects with the Microsoft Windows Taskbar in FullScreen mode after a restart.

Coded UI

  • WinAppDriver doesn't recognize the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons on the form.

Data Access Library

  • An exception is raised when an application is localized with a DataAccessUIResLocalizer descendant.

Installation (Microsoft .NET)

  • The DevExpress installer checks for LogifySend.exe file updates even if the "I do not wish to participate..." option was chosen.

PDF Viewer

  • A PdfViewer instance cannot be created if the SystemInformation.DoubleClickTime environment variable returns 0.
  • API - The CanPrint property throws an exception when the printer spooler service is not running.
  • Export to PDF - Merged cells are incorrectly rendered in PdfViewer.
  • JPX - A JPX image with coefficients larger than 16 bit is rendered incorrectly.
  • Text extraction - A text written with the CID Type 2 font is extracted incorrectly if the ToUnicode cmap has only ranges with the one-byte length.


  • Export to PDF - Merged cells are incorrectly rendered in PdfViewer.

XtraBars Suite

  • AdornerUIManager - Guides cannot be shown for a form with the manager.
  • An exception is thrown in the merged Ribbon on using repository item events.
  • Barcheckitem - It isn't possible to determine whether the item is checked or not using Appium.
  • BarManager - NullReferenceException is thrown when an application is closed on an additional screen in PerMonitorDpiAware mode.
  • BarToggleSwitchItem issue.
  • BarWorkspaceMenuItem - The CaptureWorkspace item still uses a bitmap icon instead of a vector image.
  • DockManager - The drag operation is not finished properly when a panel is undocked in RTL mode.
  • DockManager - The Light style is not applied when an application is launched.
  • DockPanel is incorrectly resized if DPI is changed before VS is restarted.
  • DockPanels - The caption background color does not apply correctly in PerMonitor2 mode.
  • FilteringUIContext - Some editors can be truncated on High DPI screens.
  • FilteringUIContext - The More and Fewer buttons aren't localized in Russian.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when displaying a popup menu assigned to the Application Button if AllowHtmlText is enabled.
  • Microsoft Office Navigation Bar - Opening the Peek Panel form breaks ownership relation between windows.
  • Overlay Form - The indicator does not change the color on setting different palettes.
  • RadialMenu - The "Parameter is not valid" exception is thrown when a menu is shown.
  • RibbonControl - DropDown of sub-items has an incorrect width when a nested menu is shown in Inplace mode.
  • RibbonControl - The Search Item is drawn incorrectly when Page Headers are hidden.
  • RibbonControl.OptionsPageCategories.AutoCorrectForeColor doesn't work if DPI awareness is enabled via the Project Settings Page.
  • RibbonForm - It is impossible to click the Close button if the cursor is located in the top right corner when a form runs in the Maximized state.
  • SplashScreenManager - The form does not close when shown in the FocusedRowChanged event handler.
  • SuperTip - A standard Open File dialog is shown on changing the ImageOptions.Image property value at design time.
  • TabForm - TabFormControl disappears when dragging a page and a form in full screen mode.
  • TileBar - Disabled items can be clicked on a touch monitor.
  • TileControl - A check mark displayed on selected tiles is pixelated on high DPI screens.

XtraCharts Suite

  • A custom Series Colorizer is not applied to ArgumentDrillTemplate.SeriesColorizer.
  • Chart Designer - It is not possible to remove the chart's background image once it is set.
  • Chart Wizard (legacy) - An unhandled exception is thrown on activating the Series Template tab at runtime.
  • ChartControl - ArithmeticException is thrown on using a text annotation with "pane anchor point" and "relative position".
  • Crosshair Cursor is displayed when the chart's diagram is hidden due to limited space.
  • Layout Serialization - ChartControl incorrectly loads point values depending on certain culture settings.
  • NullReferenceException on moving ConstantLine within the SwiftPlotDiagram.
  • XRChart - The Series.LegendText property value is lost after a report layout is loaded in the newest version.


  • DiagramConnector registered using FactoryItemTool cannot be dragged from the toolbox.
  • DiagramConnectors are not visible in the toolbox.

XtraEditors Library

  • DropDownButton does not completely support accessibility.
  • A deadlock occurs on using SplashScreenManager.ShowOverlayForm.
  • An application hangs when OverlayForm with the Image animation type is displayed for the second time.
  • DropDownButton - A border disappears on highlighting in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Light skin paint scheme.
  • FilterEditorControl - A child FilterControl has an incorrect size when the ViewMode property is set to Visual.
  • GridLookupEdit - Filter does not work if SearchMode = AutoSearch.
  • GroupControl - Text and custom buttons are incorrectly located in RightToLeft mode.
  • LayoutControl - Items of LayoutControl placed into PopupControlContainer are scaled incorrectly when PerMonitor V2 is enabled.
  • LookUpEdit - A dropdown cannot be shown when an editor value is reset to the previous one in AutoSearch mode.
  • NullValuePrompt has an incorrect color when an editor loses focus.
  • Outlook Inspired App - TargetInvocationException is thrown when the application skin is changed and Regional settings contain a double dash for negative numbers.
  • PropertyGridControl shows "No image data" for a read-only property whose type is a byte array.
  • SimpleButton - The Appearance.TextOptions.HotkeyPrefix property is not taken into account.
  • StepProgressBar - Make font options browsable for StepProgressBarItem.
  • SuperTip - A standard Open File dialog is shown on changing the ImageOptions.Image property value at design time.
  • The FilteringUIContext.FilterCriteria value is reset when an additional filter criterion is set.
  • The light skin is incorrectly applied when the UserLookAndFeel.Default.SkinName property is used.
  • The NullReferenceException is thrown in the IsLayoutControl function.
  • The Overlay form ignores custom palette colors.
  • The QueryLookUpData event fires for each field when the ResetBinding method is called.
  • XtraForm - A maximized form is not drawn properly when raster skins are used.
  • XtraForm - A window beneath a form's shadow region cannot be clicked when the FormThickBorder option is enabled.


  • A dataset does not show changes when data is modified for an unfocused task.
  • An exception is thrown in the GanttControl.OnNodeRemoved method when the control is shown.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown on clearing the Start Date cell value.

XtraGrid Suite

  • Core - The width of nested ListView columns in DPIAwarenessMode.PerMonitorV2 mode is calculated incorrectly.
  • Microsoft Excel Style Popup Filter is incorrectly displayed when the UseWindowsXPTheme property is set to True.
  • FilteringUIContext list box filter: checked items' display values are not refreshed on the ResetBindings call.
  • Find Panel - How to highlight HTML text.
  • Embedded Navigator is rendered incorrectly if buttons use large images.
  • LinqServerModeSource sends a redundant query to the DB if the view has a filter applied.
  • NullReferenceException occurs in DateTime filter popup of GridControl's column.
  • The detail view shows a vertical scrollbar when there is enough space to show all rows if the RowSeparatorHeight property is set to a non-default value.
  • GridLookupEdit - Filter does not work if SearchMode = AutoSearch.
  • The conditional formatting expression cannot be changed by the Filter Editor in Text mode.
  • Tooltips are not shown for summary items in certain cases.
  • ImmutableArray can no longer be used as a data source due to IDesktopBridge.IsDataView impl causing NotSupportedException.
  • Range bar is not synchronized with the From/To editors in the Excel column filter.
  • The "Add New Summary" menu item is not displayed when SummaryItem.SummaryType is Custom.
  • The "PDB does not match image" error is thrown when PDB files in v20.1.6.
  • Values in FilteringUIContext aren't updated when a new filter is applied via the ExcelFilter dropdown.
  • WinExplorerView - A focused item is not highlighted.
  • WinExplorerView - The SelectionChanged event is raised twice.
  • Searching via the Find panel doesn't highlight Arabic letters in 20.1.

XtraLayout Suite

  • Items of LayoutControl placed into PopupControlContainer are scaled incorrectly when PerMonitor V2 is enabled.
  • The expand button does not work in RTL mode.
  • TablePanel - Scrollbars do not fit into the size of embedded controls when the AutoScroll option is enabled.
  • The behavior of CustomHeaderButton's ForeColor differs in LayoutGroup and TabbedGroup.
  • There is no method that creates and adds a new item to LayoutControl.
  • Setting the ForeColor property of the LayoutControlGroup's CustomHeaderButtons doesn't have an effect.
  • The caption of a disabled LayoutControlGroup's CustomHeaderButton doesn't look disabled.
  • Tooltips are not displayed for disabled CustomHeaderButtons in LayoutControlGroup.


  • An extra padding is applied to the MapCustomElement text when the AllowHtmlText option is enabled.
  • The MapEditor.RotateItems method works incorrectly in certain situations.
  • The MapPie segment layout is incorrect in certain situations.
  • Usability - BingSearchDataProvider does not contain complete information about geocoded locations.
  • WMS - Incorrect projection is set in certain situations.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Pivot Grid displays a wrong header above the right scrollbar if the caramel Skin is enabled.

XtraPrinting Library

  • DocumentViewer.PrintingSystem.EndPrint no longer fires after printing is completed.
  • The Print Preview form flickers when docked Parameters / Bookmarks dock panels are shown.

XtraReports Suite

  • A localized report gets corrupted if labels are converted to a table and then saved using the SaveLayoutToXml method.
  • An API is missing for some End-User Report Designer actions.
  • 'An item with the same key has already been added' error occurs at DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.PartiallyDeserializedDocument.RestoreContinuousInfoFromPrnx when a PRNX file is saved.
  • Color Picker - The color palette dropdown has a wrong size when using a custom DPI (>125%).
  • Embedded Localization - Cannot update a label text in the XtraReport.BeforePrint event handler.
  • Icons for border setting options are hidden if the UseWindowsXPTheme property has the True value.
  • It's impossible to remove invalid FilterString in the Multi-Value parameter using Expression Editor.
  • Label Report Wizard - Typos in the Page Size selector.
  • Language and Localization properties cannot be hidden via the XtraReport.FilterComponentProperties event.
  • PropertyGridControl - A custom UITypeEditor does not work with the Office theme.
  • Report Merging - The page settings of a subreport are ignored when the GenerateOwnPages setting is enabled.
  • Scheduler Reports do not display TimeRegions.
  • Search mode highlights incorrect text in a PDF file exported from Reporting Tool.
  • SqlDataSource throws the "Unable to open database file" error on an attempt to submit report parameters.
  • Text that is rotated 90 degrees in the report's vertical bands is not displayed on running the application in the Linux Docker environment when the custom drawing engine (pango) is enabled.
  • The "Internal Server Error" error occurs after report preview when the table of contents and editable controls are in the same report.
  • The Print Preview form flickers when docked Parameters / Bookmarks dock panels are shown.
  • The XRChart control with DataFilters that are connected to report fields is displayed empty after an upgrade to v19.2 or newer.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - The Expression dropdown of the Smart Tag cannot assign an expression to XRLabel.
  • Web Dashboard - Custom images in exported PDF documents are truncated when the AutoFitToPagesWidth option is enabled.
  • Web Document Viewer - Linux - The report's watermark is cut off.
  • XRChart - The Series.LegendText property value is lost after a report layout is loaded in the newest version.
  • XRSubReport.ReportSourceRowCount may equal 0 in Before Print if the previous SubBand is hidden.


  • Export to PDF - Merged cells are incorrectly rendered in PdfViewer.
  • Floating Tables - An exception occurs on an attempt to load a specific document into an inplace RichTextEdit.
  • Footnotes - ArgumentException occurs on an attempt to add a footnote when all text is selected.
  • Footnotes - StackOverflowException is thrown on calling the Document.Footnotes.GetEnumerator() method.
  • Form Fields - FormFieldIncorrectSubDocumentException on an attempt to print a document with form fields in textboxes.
  • Tables - Part of a cell's text is missing in an exported PDF document if this table cell extends over multiple pages.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • AppointmentFlyoutControl - Incorrect height is calculated.
  • AppointmentFlyoutControl - Text is cut off and the size is calculated incorrectly when word-wrap is enabled.
  • AppointmentFlyoutControl - The multi line subject is drawn incorrectly.
  • Scheduler Control - The "System.InvalidOperationException: 'Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute'" error occurs when multiple Scheduler Controls are bound to the same data storage.
  • Scheduler Reports do not display TimeRegions.
  • SchedulerControl - A Reminder alert is not raised when storage works without a Scheduler instance.
  • SchedulerControl - Clipped texts and images do not fit appointment bounds when the HTML rendering is enabled.
  • SchedulerControl - InvalidOperationException is thrown when appointments have HTML images and the control works in AsyncMode.


  • ArgumentException 'Formula is incorrect' is thrown on an attempt to drop an image field in a document for which the R1C1 references style is enabled.
  • AutoFilter buttons are misplaced if the header cells of the filtered range are located in the frozen pane and a particular column is hidden.
  • Microsoft Excel cannot load a document with the Pivot Table generated by SpreadsheetControl if this document contains Turkish symbols.
  • System.ArgumentException '-1' is not a valid value for 'length' when using F4 references in sample spreadsheet.
  • The "An Item with same key has already been added" exception is thrown on an attempt to copy and paste a particular cell range.
  • The default column width isn't taken into account during the mail merge.
  • The formula auto-complete feature may clear a cell reference written as a cell value instead of wrapping this reference into the function.
  • There is no fallback format for the Paste action if data in the SpreadsheetClipboardOptions.PasteFormat format is not present in the Clipboard.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Painting artifacts occur in a column header when TreeList without any nodes is scrolled.
  • A new node doesn't load its child nodes.
  • Fluent Scrollbar can be moved outside control boundaries.
  • Fluent Scrollbar disappears when the auto filter row is focused.
  • It's impossible to hide a column/band by dragging their headers to the Customization Form when the AllowQuickHideColumn options is enabled.
  • Visual artefacts when scrolling TreeList with multi-line text.
  • Best Fit (All Columns) does not adjust row height for multi-line nodes.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • Icons for border setting options are hidden if the UseWindowsXPTheme property has the True value.
  • PropertyDescriptionControl - Text does not scale in PerMonitorV2 mode.
  • PropertyGridControl - A custom UITypeEditor cannot be assigned to a row in Office view.
  • PropertyGridControl - A custom UITypeEditor does not work with the Office theme.
  • Tooltips are displayed for row headers and category rows of VGridControl until a focused row is changed.
  • VGridControl - Separators use wrong appearance in multi editor rows.
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