Spread.NET 13.45.20203.0

La nuova API consente agli utenti di controllare lo stato di convalida delle celle.
Settembre 17, 2020 - 9:09
Nuova versione


  • New API allows users to check cell validation status.


  • NullReferenceException is not thrown while printing to PDF format.
  • The formula entered in a cell is retained as it is in Spread Designer.
  • Row tag can now be restored while using XML.
  • Subscripts appear incorrectly in the application.
  • Images are exported with different names when exporting form Spread to Microsoft Excel.
  • There is no effect on performance when *.ss6 file in code-behind is loaded with FormulaTextBox presence.
  • DefaultSheetDataModel event is triggered for cell whose data has been changed.
  • Changes made to an XML file in Spread Designer are saved correctly.
  • The value of cells with formulas pointing to another sheet are updated correctly.
  • The font of cell containing rich text is displayed correctly.
  • The position and size of chart are saved correctly on Spread designer if LegacyBehaviors includes Style enum.


Offri esperienze di fogli di calcolo simili a Excel.

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