MadCap Flare 2020 r2

Aggiunge il supporto per gli elenchi di definizioni dall'interfaccia utente.
Ottobre 08, 2020 - 15:54
Nuova versione


  • Added support for Definition Lists from the UI.
  • Enhanced Lists.
  • Added support for micro content styles.
  • Added support for styled variables.
  • Added support for MadCap Connect for Zendesk Flexible Hierarchy.
  • Added support for Microsoft Azure DevOps source control.
  • Updated jQuery to 3.5.1 for online outputs.
  • Several accessibility improvements have also been included in HTML5 output which are applied via JavaScript at runtime:
    • aria-current="true" attribute applied to the selected TOC entry when the option “Automatically Synchronize TOC” is enabled for the primary skin.
    • scope=”col" attribute applied to table header cells <th> included within the table header tag <thead>.
    • scope=”row" attribute applied to table header cells <th> included within a table row <tr>.
  • Include only topics linked from TOC for online outputs.
  • Accessibility improvements for tables in HTML5 output.
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