DevExpress WinForms 20.2.5

Migliora i controlli XtraBars, XtraCharts e XtraDiagram.
Gennaio 21, 2021 - 15:49
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All WinForms products

  • GraphicsCache.CalcTextSize unable to calculate size for bold text.
  • Pivot Grid requires extra resources when exporting KPI images.

Data Access Library

  • ExpressionEditor - Some validation errors cannot be localized using ExpressionEditorLocalizer.
  • Query Builder - An application hangs on the SqlDataSource.ManageQueries method call.
  • Query Builder - CJK characters are not displayed on the diagram surface.

MVVM Framework

  • ISplashScreenService - Splash Form is shown in the center of the screen instead of the center of the form.

PDF Viewer

  • DirectX Rendering - A page with specific axial shading cannot be rendered with large zoom factors.
  • Encryption - A document encrypted by the AES-256 algorithm with unencrypted metadata cannot be opened.
  • Form Filling - Document can not be saved if it contains a button form field with invalid parameters.
  • Multiline text boxes behave incorrectly in some scenarios.
  • Navigation Pane - NavigationPanePageVisibility property does not affect the visibility of the Comment page.
  • Page number in the Ribbon page selector is not updated when a user scrolls to the next page.
  • PdfViewer crashes on creating Ribbon/Toolbar if raster glyphs are used for bar items.
  • Rendering - A non embedded 'ZapfDingbats' font with 'WinAnsiEncoding' is rendered incorrectly.
  • Rendering - An image reflected by the transformation matrix is rendered incorrectly.
  • Rendering - Documents containing CFF fonts with an incorrect 'Private' dictionary are rendered incorrectly.


  • An exception is thrown on an attempt to load a particular SNX file if the currency symbol is set to an empty string for the current culture.
  • CalculatedFieldCollectionEditor creates a calculated field with an incorrect value of the CalculatedField.DataMember property.
  • SnapControl's smart tag generates dropdown galleries with empty items.

XtraBars Suite

  • A misprint in the Tabbed MDI template project.
  • AccordionControl - NullReferenceException is thrown when the search icon is clicked and the WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedTextEdit property is set to True.
  • BarItem's shortcut is not triggered when BarManager is located on a form that is located on another form (TopLevel = false).
  • FluentDesignForm - Menu item captions that contain mnemonics are painted incorrectly.
  • FluentDesignForm - Setting the BarButtonItem.BeginGroup property is not in effect.
  • GalleryControl is not shown after the palette is changed.
  • LayoutUpgrade event is raised before a new layout is applied to the ribbon.
  • OfficeNavigationBar - Caption is truncated when a tab is activated.
  • RecentPinItem's description cannot be wrapped.
  • RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown on using Narrator with SkinPaletteDropDownButtonItem.
  • RibbonControl - The LayoutVersion property is missing.
  • Ribbons are incorrectly merged when bar item validation and UI Manager are used.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown on moving floating DockPanel.
  • System.ArgumentException is thrown in IAccessible.get_accChild on moving over menu items in the GridView column's context menu.
  • TabbedView - A tab holds focus on showing a dialog in the TabMouseActivating event handler.
  • TabbedView's tab header is drawn as inactive if a user clicks it after PropertyGridControl's editor unless the user clicks its document area.
  • TaskbarAssistant - The Click event of JumpListItemTask elements is not raised.
  • TileBar - Value of the TrackBarContextButton element is not changed when this element is clicked.
  • WidgetView - The PopupMenuShowing event handler has an incorrect e.HitInfo value.

XtraCharts Suite

  • An unexpected exception occurs after enabling the AllowResample property.


  • Certain diagram items overlap when the Sugiyama layout is used.
  • Item Template Designer doesn't allow setting the Tag property.

XtraEditors Library

  • AccordionControl - The BackColor property does not affect the control's color.
  • BreadCrumbBehavior - BreadCrumbEdit does not focus a not loaded node when pasting a path.
  • CameraControl - The DisplayOrientationChanging event is not raised after the current device is changed.
  • Certain controls are not fully visible in the Bezier skin and the VS Light palette.
  • Context menus are incorrectly drawn without BarManager (Microsoft .NET Core).
  • DateEdit - Time portion of a value cannot be set via a keyboard when WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedTextEdit is true.
  • Filter Editor - An error message is cropped on a monitor with 200% DPI.
  • GridControl - RepositoryItemTimeEdit cell value cannot be set manually when UseAdvancedTextEdit is enabled.
  • GroupControl - AllowHtmlText and AppearanceCaption.TextOptions.HAlignment=Center not working together.
  • GroupControl changes its size when it is placed in TableLayoutPanel.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedTextEdit is enabled.
  • ListBoxControl is scrolled during a drag-and-drop operation even if the cursor is outside the control.
  • MemoEdit - Application crashes when using Advanced Mode and Microsoft Windows 7.
  • MemoEdit - Scrolling to the end of MemoEdit with the ScrollToCaret method does not work in Advanced Mode.
  • MemoEdit - The MouseWheel event is not raised when the editor is in AdvancedMode.
  • MemoEdit with the UseAdvancedTextEdit property does not display Tab characters.
  • StepProgressBar - The <br> tag doesn't work in Captions or Descriptions when AllowHtmlText = True.
  • TextEdit - Caret doesn't move on typing specific symbols when the UseAdvancedTextEdit mode is enabled.
  • TextEdit - Context Image is not displayed if TextEdit contains a label in Advanced Mode.
  • TextEdit is not editable if it has no value and WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedTextEdit is set to true.
  • The ShowDialog method of the Mask Settings Dialog always returns DialogResult.OK.
  • The spell checker does not work in an editor when the advanced mode is used.
  • TimeSpanEdit - The minute part is incorrectly localized in the German culture.
  • ToggleSwitch - The ShowText property is ignored when WindowsFormsSettings.DefaultAllowHtmlDraw is set to true.
  • ToolTip size is calculated incorrectly when a new line symbol is used within a block of bold text.
  • XtraTabControl - Multiline tab headers are not accessible via UIRecorder.
  • XtraTabControl - The resize zone of SidePanel that contains XtraTabControl disappears.


  • A new node is not added when the EndCurrentEdit method is called.
  • GanttControl - Moving a task changes its duration when the OptionsBehavior.TaskDateChangeMode property is set to UpdateDuration.
  • GanttControl - It's impossible to resize a task in the chart area if its progress is full.
  • GanttControl - Scrollbar is painted over column headers when AutoWidth is disabled.
  • GanttControl - The area shown in the chart section is not clickable when the Splitter is moved to the left.
  • Task cannot be moved when its lag value is changed using the DataTable.
  • The chart header panel is not displayed when ScheduleFromStartDate is called.

XtraGrid Suite

  • A band is displayed in the Advanced Customization Form if its ShowInCustomizationForm property is set to False.
  • Advanced Customization Form - When sorting is cleared, the order of columns differs from their visible positions.
  • An application crashes when GridControl filters a long text.
  • BandedGridView - Band headers display an empty space in a report generated with ReportGenerator.
  • BandedGridView - BandedGridView.BandPanelRowHeight is ignored in a report generated with ReportGenerator.
  • Column Filtering does not work when there are some summaries and a few rows are selected.
  • Data Grid is incorrectly drawn in Windows 7 when cells have hieroglyphs and DirectX hardware acceleration is enabled.
  • DisplayText isn't applied in the LayoutView.CustomDrawCardFieldCaption event if LayoutViewColumn.LayoutViewField.AllowHtmlStringInCaption = true.
  • Editors in the auto filter row continue using the mask assigned to a column's repository item.
  • Microsoft Excel-style filter - The caret does not move when using Advanced TextEdit Mode.
  • FilterCriteria containing date filters are incorrectly parsed when they are assigned to FilteringUIContext.FilterCriteria.
  • Gantt Control - Tasks that affect a project's start or finish date and form a critical path are not displayed as critical.
  • Grid View - It's impossible to localize the Like operator in the filter panel.
  • GridControl - A child row is unpredictably hidden when one of its child rows with an expanded detail view is removed.
  • GridControl - A column header is incorrectly painted when the WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedTextEdit property is enabled.
  • GridControl - Exception is raised when pressing the filter icon.
  • GridControl - NullReferenceException is thrown on restoring the layout from the previously saved XML file if the sorted column was removed.
  • GridControl - Symbols from the RegEx mask are exported to an Excel file.
  • GridControl - The MRU Filter list is incorrectly painted when the WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedTextEdit property is enabled.
  • GridView - Field list in the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog is not sorted alphabetically.
  • GridView - The Excel Filter Popup does not take into account the DefaultFilterType property value when a custom function is added in the QueryCustomFunctions event handler.
  • GridView - The Maximum and Minimum thumbs are moved in the Numeric Excel Filter Popup dialog simultaneously.
  • GridView adds FontSizeDelta to a row twice when EnableAppearanceHotTrackedRow is enabled.
  • IsSetData in CustomUnboundColumnData returns false on modifying a cell after an update to v20.2.4.
  • ReportGenerator - A report generated based on Banded View has an insufficient width.
  • ReportGenerator - Footer width is incorrect when a summary is added.
  • ReportGenerator does not take into account the AppearancePrint.HeaderPanel.TextOptions.WordWrap property.
  • RepositoryItem mask is not reset for editors in AutoFilterRow.
  • Summary items are not refreshed if GridView is filtered when the Selection mode is used.
  • System.ArgumentException is thrown in IAccessible.get_accChild on moving over menu items in the GridView column's context menu.
  • XtraTabControl - The resize zone of SidePanel that contains XtraTabControl disappears.

XtraLayout Suite

  • Bottom Border of TabPane is not visible.
  • LayoutControl - An item is moved outside the form after its size is changed.
  • LayoutControl in TableLayout mode is initialized slowly.
  • LayoutControlItems overlap in some skins.
  • LayoutControl's Customization Form is incorrectly scaled in .NET 5 projects.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the VS designer when LayoutControlGroup.CaptionImageOptions.Image is set.
  • Skin Editor - NullReferenceException is thrown when an SVG image is added to a skin element.


  • MapItemClick does not work in certain cases in v20.2.4.
  • MiniMap is displayed incorrectly when rotating the main map.
  • Usability - Unnecessary WMS server parameters are not ignored in the server URI path.


  • NavBarControl - Indents and intervals are not scaled correctly.
  • XtraNavBar - Disabled items look like regular items in dark themes.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • XRPivotGrid designer - An incorrect item is added from the Field List after a search.

XtraReports Suite

  • A report throws the "Invalid data member" error in preview because Microsoft Visual Studio Report Wizard preserves dots in the report's DataMember.
  • Cross Tab Report - Blank row appears in XRCrossTab.
  • CrossTab Wizard Displays Alias Names Instead of Caption Names.
  • End-User Report Designer - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown on assigning an expression for a property that was registered via the ExpressionBindingDescription(boolean) constructor.
  • Export - A signed document becomes invalid after it is signed in Adobe Reader.
  • Expression Editor - Code completion incorrectly works for fields with display names.
  • ExpressionEditor - Some validation errors cannot be localized using ExpressionEditorLocalizer.
  • How to highlight interfaces in the DataSource Wizard.
  • Parameter is not in the ParameterCollection Error in Reportviewer after upgrading from 19.2 to 20.2.
  • Report scripts in .NET Core - It is not possible to use an API from .NET Framework class libraries.
  • Report Wizard - DetailReport bands generated by the wizard repeat multiple times if multiple data members were selected in the wizard.
  • Text is trimmed in a report on exporting this report to a PDF file.
  • Text localization applied via End User Report Designer works incorrectly.
  • The "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." occurs in the ExternalDataSetConverter file on an attempt to convert an RDLC report.
  • The Angle property is still available in the property grid if the AllowMarkupText property is used, although it doesn't affect text rotation.
  • Visual Studio 2019 v16.8.2 hangs on opening a project that has an active tab with a REPX report designer.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - "Failed to connect to the database" error occurs when connecting PostgreSQL database.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - A report control's size and location are reset after saving a report.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer for NetStandard project - A blank report is created after the Report Wizard is completed.
  • XRChart - "The datasource doesn't contain a data member with the "X" name" error occurs on an attempt to calculate a summary by a report's calculated field.
  • XRPivotGrid designer - An incorrect item is added from the Field List after a search.
  • XRRichText does not render floating objects in the drawing layer.
  • XtraReports - The 'Out of memory' exception is thrown in Preview on scrolling.
  • XtraSchedulerReport - The Project Item template is missing a partial class and uses the global namespace.


  • An exception is thrown on an attempt to load a particular SNX file if the currency symbol is set to an empty string for the current culture.
  • Bullet icons are missing in the list preview of the Bullet&Numbering dialog if the bullet character has custom settings.
  • Document Layout - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on an attempt to obtain bounds of a character at a particular document position when drawing a custom mark.
  • Export to PDF - Headers and footers specified at the PrintingSystem level are not exported to PDF.
  • HTML that contains an image of a particular width is rendered incorrectly.
  • Lists - NullReferenceException is thrown on invoking the "Bullets and Numbering" dialog for a specific list in a document.
  • UI - The "OK" button in the Hyperlink form is not clickable.
  • Usability - There is no API that imports/exports a document from/to a byte array.
  • Usability - There is no way to prevent pasting data from the Clipboard in a specific format.
  • XRRichText does not render floating objects in the drawing layer.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Date Navigation Bar shows days that are not included in the visible time interval.
  • Navigation buttons in Date Navigation Bar are clickable even if all available intervals are displayed.
  • Occurrences ignore a client's timezone during editing and are shown with their original one.
  • Recurring appointments are not updated when a data source is repopulated.
  • ResourceTree and the Schedule Control TimeLine view scrolling are not synchronized in SchedulerCellAutoHeightMode.Full mode.
  • Scheduler - At design time, it is possible to customize the YearView appearance that isn't applicable to this view.
  • Scheduler - GanttView is incorrectly scrolled using a middle mouse button.
  • Scheduler - NullReferenceException is thrown when SchedulerDataStorage is connected to SqlDataSource.
  • SchedulerControl - "Cannot access the 'Reminders' property of a disposed object, Object name: 'Appointment'" exception occurs when appointments are refreshed using the RefreshData method.
  • SchedulerControl - Scrolling stops working after the Resources Tree scrollbar is moved to the bottom.
  • SchedulerControl - The AppointmentsChanged event fires multiple times when posting data to a database.
  • SchedulerControl - The text of resource headers is cut off when CellsAutoHeight is enabled and multiple resources are displayed.
  • SchedulerControl - Time Region's appearance is not applied to some days in WeekView.
  • SchedulerControl and ResourcesTree are not synchronous in TimelineView when scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • SchedulerControl's content cannot be scrolled when a new appointment is dragged and the last cell is not shown completely.
  • The day of week may not be correctly recalculated in different timezones if an appointment is created with a non-UTC time zone.
  • XtraSchedulerReport - The Project Item template is missing a partial class and uses the global namespace.
  • YearView - TimeRegion is shown for OutOfScope days.
  • YearView - WeekHeaderCaption FontStyleDelta is reset when layout is changed.


  • A shape's text isn't updated in the UI after changing it using the API.
  • Editing a cell on one sheet makes the data in the same cell (on a different sheet) invisible.
  • Localization assemblies for DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Core do not target .NET Standard 2.0.
  • 'Password to Modify' is not preserved on document saving.
  • SpreadsheetControl cannot load an XLS document with an incorrect number of XF records.
  • SpreadsheetControl is not disposed of on window closing if a cell value was assigned in code behind.
  • Text specified for the "Partial Circle" shape isn't rendered in SpreadsheetControl.
  • The Picture.Hyperlink property returns null if an image was created in code behind and its hyperlink is set in UI.
  • Usability - Not all connector presets are available in the API.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a column is not printed in an Excel document.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when focusedNode of Tree List is removed.
  • The CustomColumnSort event does not fire when the column header is clicked.
  • TreeList - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when deleting a node with children.
  • TreeList - DragCancelNode isn't raised if dragged nodes are outside the visible area.
  • TreeList - Nodes are incorrectly scrolled when DirectX is enabled and the WindowsFormsSettings.AllowPixelScrolling property is set to True.
  • TreeList adds FontSizeDelta to a row twice when EnableAppearanceHotTrackedRow is enabled.
  • Workspace Manager - The default value of the TreeList.OptionsFind.ShowCloseButton property is not stored.
  • Workspace Manager - The TreeList.HierarchyColumn property is not stored correctly.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • PropertyDescriptionControl does not show property descriptions when AutoHeight = False.
  • PropertyGridControl - An expandable row is automatically expanded when its value changes from null.
  • PropertyGridControl - DescriptorContext becomes out of date when values are updated on MouseMove.
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