Xceed Words for .NET V1.8

Migliora le funzionalità di segnalibro, grafico e paragrafo.
Gennaio 26, 2021 - 15:25
Nuova versione


  • Bookmarks:
    • Added new methods to the Container class to get, insert, remove and validate bookmarks.
  • Chart:
    • Added new Axis.LabelPosition property to position axis labels over, under, next to the axis or even hide them.
    • Added new Charts property to get all the charts from a container.
    • Added new Width property which can be used to set the size of a series.
  • Document:
    • Automatic hyphenations and configurable hyphenations can now be set for the whole document.
    • Calling ApplyTemplate() with a zero-size template document now throws an error explaining that a template document must contain data.
    • The Save() and SaveAs() methods now have an optional "password" parameter which is required in order to save password protected documents.
  • Paragraph:
    • Added new properties to get the following and previous paragraph.
  • Table:
    • Creating a multi-columns table now auto-fits the columns' width based on the page's available width; when opening the document in Google Docs or Microsoft Word 2013/2016, the table now displays with valid column widths.
    • Inserting a new column now uses the neighbor column's width and resizes all the row's cell widths to fit on the page width (when table doesn't have a fixed size).
    • When removing the last paragraph from a cell, if the cell also contains an HTML/RTF content, the paragraph removal can now be done.
Xceed Words for .NET

Xceed Words for .NET

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