ExpressGridPack 20.2.7

Migliora i controlli Editor, Foglio di calcolo e Stampa.
Aprile 29, 2021 - 9:58
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ExpressEditors Library

  • A property editor for TPicture, TGraphic, and their descendants converts an image pasted from the clipboard to a 32-bit TdxSmartImage object and discards the image's transparency information.
  • cxLookupComboBox - The ItemIndex property value is incorrect when the Properties.OnChange event occurs if the EditValue property value matches the focused record in the Properties.ListSource dataset and the Properties.ListOptions.SyncMode property is True.
  • In-place cxLookupComboBox - The editor displays no values for a column/row bound to the fkLookup dataset field.
  • TdxOpenFileDialog and TdxSaveFileDialog - A confirmation message freezes the application if it has the TcxShellComboBox editor whose Properties.IncrementalSearch property is set to True.


  • All controls with a translucent background are drawn black at design time in Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4.2 if the form's DoubleBuffered property is set to True.
  • TdxCloudStorage - An AV occurs when the Google Drive data provider obtains file structure information.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Chart View - The "Stack overflow" exception occurs when the chart legend displays a number of items.
  • Server Mode - Table and Banded Table Views - The OnFindCriteriaBeforeChange and OnFindCriteriaChanged events are not published in a data controller.


  • Operators do not exclude microseconds when comparing date-time values.
  • The built-in "m/d/yy h:mm" formatting pattern (code 22) ignores locale settings.

ExpressPrinting System

  • TdxPDFViewerReportLink - Page margins are calculated incorrectly and document content is shifted in certain cases.


Aggiungi ampia griglia, stampa, tabella pivot, elenco struttura, layout e funzionalità interfaccia alle tue applicazioni Delphi e C + + Builder.

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