DevExpress Office File API 20.2.7

Migliora le API dell'elaborazione di testi, dei fogli di calcolo e dei documenti PDF.
Aprile 30, 2021 - 13:26
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PDF Document API

  • Encryption - A document with incorrectly encrypted data cannot be processed.
  • Merge - A radio group's export values aren't merged.
  • Metafile - An EMF+ metafile with a large number of EmfPlusSetWorldTransform records is exported incorrectly.
  • Parsing - A document with an invalid 'Order' value in the 'Optional Content Configuration' dictionary cannot be opened.
  • Parsing - Document cannot be loaded if the destination name tree is corrupted.
  • Performance - Image extraction is slow for certain files.
  • Signature - Pkcs7Signer incorrectly signs a document when used with a large certificate chain.
  • Text Search - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in specific cases when the PdfDocumentProcessor.FindText method is called.
  • Text Search - The PdfTextSearchResults.Rectangles property returns an incorrect value if a matching word is the first in a line.
  • Writing - Custom property dictionary keys containing non-ASCII characters are incorrectly written.

Spreadsheet Document API

  • Form controls are broken after saving a particular XLSM document.
  • Specific date format in a specific culture throws an exception after a click on a cell.
  • Spreadsheet Document API calculates the maximum value for the vertical axis incorrectly when all values are represented by negative numbers.
  • Spreadsheet Document API incorrectly calculates the minimum/maximum value for the vertical axis in some cases.
  • Usability - There is no API to set the "Do not compress images in file" setting in a Microsoft Excel document.

Word Processing Document API

  • Export to PDF - RichEditDocumentServer embeds an incorrect font in a PDF file on Linux if the font name contains font characteristics.
  • Import from HTML - Alt text for images is not imported.
  • RichEditControl incorrectly formats hyperlink items in a Table of Contents.
DevExpress Office File API

DevExpress Office File API

Leggi e scrivi file Excel e Word, crea e modifica documenti PDF, genera codici a barre e archivi compressi.

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