DevExpress WinForms 20.2.7

Migliora i controlli Convertitore progetto, Mappa e Rich Edit.
Aprile 30, 2021 - 13:30
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  • A custom type converter no longer generates the appropriate output format after an update.
  • Export to DOCX - The "Header or footer not finished yet" error is thrown on exporting a report in Table Mode.
  • Memory leaks in the Linux environment on executing reports with scripts.
  • Report Designer - NullReferenceException is thrown on disposing of the Group And Sort panel in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • ThemedMessageBox does not allow navigating between buttons when it is shown in a WinForms application.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - "Could not find assembly 'Npgsql'" error while running the Report Wizard.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when trying to open a file with an invalid name.

PDF Viewer

  • PdfViewer does not show a warning dialog when an action is about to be executed by an external process.
  • Performance - Image extraction is slow for certain files.
  • Rendering - CFF Fonts that contain standard glyph names in STRING INDEX are rendered incorrectly.
  • Rendering - Specific CCITT encoded images cannot be rendered.
  • Rendering - The vertical text rendering mode is not supported.
  • Usability - PdfViewer does not raise an event when a hyperlink represented by a launch action is clicked.


  • ProjectConverter in v.20.2.6 hangs at the "Start collecting files" step.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on an attempt to replace an SNLIST that contains formatted fields.

XtraBars Suite

  • A memory leak occurs when RibbonControls are merged in MDI mode.
  • BarLargeButtonItem is incorrectly shown in the ToolbarForm caption.
  • BarManager - An exception is thrown because activeForm is null if the control is used in a WPF application.
  • BarManager - The begin group separator does not take bar appearance settings into account.
  • DockManager - An auto-hidden panel is kept visible even if another document is focused.
  • DockManager - Changing a panel's Visibility in the ClosingPanel event handler leads to NullReferenceException.
  • FluentDesignForm - The status bar is not displayed if created from FluentFormDefaultManager.
  • Items placed at the right part of a title bar disappear when a few page categories are added.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when displaying a flyout tooltip if AnimationMode is DisableAll.
  • RibbonControl - The pin icon is not displayed in the Microsoft Office 2013 style.
  • RibbonControl - There is no way to hide the default image when an item is located in the caption bar.
  • RibbonStatusBar - Height is not recalculated correctly when DocumentManager and the AutoHeight option are used.
  • TabbedView - A tab header is drawn as non-focused after a mouse click on it.
  • TabForm - NullReferenceException is thrown when a form is shown and Per-Monitor V2 DPI awareness mode is used.
  • TreeList - Appearance options display unused settings at design time.
  • WindowsUIButtonPanel - The AllowGlyphSkinning property works only if skinning is enabled.
  • WorkspaceManager - NullReferenceException is thrown on restoring the layout of the DockManager component.
  • XtraBars - BarLocalizer does not have values for certain elements.

XtraCharts Suite

  • An exception is thrown at design time when referencing Pivot Grid data from a Chart.
  • An unhandled exception (NotImplementedException) occurs after the ChartControl.RefreshData method call in certain situations.
  • An unhandled exception occurs when enabling the AllowResample option for a Histogram chart in certain situations.
  • AreaSeriesView.Transparency property is not synchronized with the opacity value of the series' Color property.
  • 'Index was out of range' exception occurs in Chart Control in certain cases.
  • Spreadsheet - A 3D Bubble chart is rendered with an incorrect maximum value for the value axis.
  • XRChart - Enabling the Pango drawing engine makes the axis labels disappear.
  • XtraCharts - The real-time chart demo updates lines incorrectly in the background.


  • DiagramControl's Insert Picture dialog displays the SVG and PDF formats in the dropdown with the suggested formats.

XtraEditors Library

  • A form is positioned incorrectly on a secondary monitor in Per Monitor (V2) mode.
  • AdornerUIManager - Adorner badges are not scaled with PerMonitor V2 scaling.
  • BaseEdit - The EditValueChanging event is raised too often in a Microsoft .NET 5 application.
  • ColorPickEdit - The TooltipShowing event does not work as expected.
  • GridLookUpEdit - The NullValuePrompt property value is accepted as the editor value when the AcceptEditorTextAsNewValue option is enabled.
  • ImageListBox shows HorizontalScrollBar if the Standard HighlightStyle is used.
  • ListBoxControl - The layout is incorrect when the control is scaled in PerMonitorV2 mode.
  • ListBoxControl does not update the currency manager position after filtering.
  • Mask Editor - It is not possible to edit a mask.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the UpdateSolidColors method when WaitForm is closed.
  • OverlayForm ignores the raster loading image specified in a custom skin.
  • PerMonitorV2 DPI issues occur when display scaling is changed within a user session.
  • PictureEdit - An image isn't scrolled in code using HorizontalScrollPosition and VerticalScrollPosition when AllowScrollViaMouseDrag is enabled and ShowScrollBars is disabled.
  • The Ctrl+Del shortcut does not work correctly when the UseAdvancedMode option is not enabled.
  • The Paint event does not fire in Advanced mode.
  • TimeEdit - Incorrect selection in in-place mode when GridView.OptionsBehavior.AutoSelectAllInEditor is set to false.
  • ToggleSwitch's width is not updated at design time when the AutoWidth option is disabled.
  • WindowsUIButtonPanel - The background color set in AppearanceButton is ignored.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - An incorrect folder is selected when a record is not completely visible.
  • XtraSaveFileDialog - The "Open" text doesn't switch back to "Save".


  • GanttControl - Font style assigned to the GanttControl.Appearance.Task property is not applied.
  • GanttControl - NullReferenceException is thrown when refreshing tasks in the control.
  • GanttControl - The OptionsMainTimeRuler settings are missing in saved control layout.

XtraGrid Suite

  • BandedGridView does not take into account conditional formatting rules created at runtime in the WYSIWYG export mode.
  • DivideByZeroException is thrown in the CalcBestScreenItemsCount method when Narrator is used.
  • Grid Control - Layout of the Format Rules manager form is incorrect.
  • GridControl - When Bool cells are exported, RepositoryItemCheckEdit.NullStyle is not taken into account.
  • GridControl shows blank rows if the ICustomTypeDescriptor interface is used.
  • GridView - Allow customizing the skinned ViewCaption area appearance.
  • GridView - An in-place editor of the current column is not taken into account in the Edit Formatting Rule dialog.
  • GridView - Canceled EditForm of a new row switches an existing row to edit mode.
  • Gridview - Hyperlinks are exported to Microsoft Excel as plain URLs.
  • The Gridview.SelectionChanged event does not fire when data-bound selection is enabled and a user selects a row with the same row handle if a filter is applied.
  • TileView - A memory leak occurs when an MDI form with TileView is disposed of after TileView scrolling animation is invoked.
  • TileView - ArgumentException occurs on scrolling if the OptionsImageLoad.CacheThumbnails property is set to True.
  • ToolbarForm - TitleItemLinks are missing in Runtime Customization.
  • XtraSaveFileDialog handles a mouse click on GridView.

XtraLayout Suite

  • LayoutControl - The collection editor uses a standard form without a skin at runtime.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the DevExpress.XtraLayout.Helpers.FlatItemsList.GetItemsList method.


  • An unhandled exception (System.NullReferenceException) occurs when calculating a route for specific waypoints.
  • Highlighted vector items have an incorrect style (color).
  • Map Control does not correctly parse the latitude and longitude values for certain cultures.


  • NavBarControl - Space between an item's text and image is incorrectly calculated in PerMonitorV2 mode.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • An exception is thrown at design time when referencing Pivot Grid data from a Chart.
  • PivotGrid with the TopN feature enabled is empty after data update.

XtraPrinting Library

  • GridControl - When Bool cells are exported, RepositoryItemCheckEdit.NullStyle is not taken into account.


  • Import from HTML - The "‚" tag is incorrectly parsed when it is loaded to RichEditDocumentServer.
  • RichEditControl incorrectly formats hyperlink items in a Table of Contents.
  • Shapes - Connectors are incorrectly rendered for specific shape types.
  • Shapes - Cropped images in specific DOC documents are processed incorrectly.
  • The end bookmark bracket isn't rendered if the bookmarks ends after the cell marker.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the FilterAppointments function when a new appointment is dragged.
  • Scheduler - ArgumentException is thrown when a recurring TimeRegion ends in the visible interval.
  • Scheduler Report - Predefined report templates cannot be loaded into an XtraSchedulerReport instance in v20.2.
  • SchedulerControl - Appointment location is incorrect when switching a WeekView using Navigation Buttons.
  • SchedulerControl - Appointments display HTML tags in the report Print Preview.
  • SchedulerControl - Cell selection is slow in Timeline view when using Office 2019 skins and scrolling the view vertically.
  • SchedulerControl - Navigation Buttons are colorized in accordance with the color of a resource.
  • SchedulerControl - Resources are not updated when their order in a collection changes.
  • SchedulerControl - The All-Day area is incorrectly calculated.


  • Hyperlinks are not pasted if copying data validation rules for cells is disabled.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to move a cell outside the visible boundaries of the zoomed SpreadsheetControl.
  • Spreadsheet - A 3D Bubble chart is rendered with an incorrect maximum value for the value axis.
  • SpreadsheetControl incorrectly applies a number format if the format string has line breaks.
  • The 'Reference is not valid.' error is thrown on an attempt to create a pivot table programmatically if the R1C1 reference style is enabled.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • A Print Preview shows an incorrect conditional formatting icon if the cell value matches the value of a cell with a different icon.
  • TreeList - A column does not display values in a print preview when conditional formatting is used.
  • TreeList - Node.GetValue and Node.SetValue don't work in the ValidateNode event handler if the node is added using NewItemRow.
  • TreeList - NullReferenceException is thrown when posting a cell value in Buffered mode.
  • TreeListLookUpEdit - Format rules are not shown in the editor popup.
  • XtraTreeList doesn't check if an item is available before updating this item's properties.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • PropertyDescriptionControl has an incorrect color when placed on XtraTabControl.
  • VGridControl - Nothing is displayed in a row caption when an empty string is assigned to the Caption property.
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