ExpressGridPack 21.1.2

Griglia aggiunge layout di riga personalizzati e hot track di cella/riga nelle visualizzazioni della tabella e della tabella a righe/colonne alternate evidenziate.
Giugno 21, 2021 - 9:47
Nuova versione


New Lightweight Installer

  • New lightweight installer (about 110MB in size) that does not include demo and documentation files. Nevertheless, as you proceed through the setup process, you'll have the option to separately download and install demos/documentation if you decide you need them. The Download Manager offers the new installer as a separate option to the full installer.

Grid Control

  • Custom Row Layouts in Table and Banded Table Views - This feature was first introduced in November 2020 as a community technology preview (CTP). This update marks its official release, and has the following enhancements:
    • Print/export support.
    • Smart cell navigation.
    • Automatic cell height adjustment.
    • Ability to customize caption suffixes.
    • Size modes for multi-line cell editors.
    • Ability to specify minimum allowed cell widths.
  • Performance Enhancements - Significantly improved the data controller's performance with Master-Detail layouts. Master row expansion and data editing in detail rows are more than three times faster than in previous versions. The performance benefits increase with the number of master rows that the Grid control displays.
  • Cell/Row Hot Track - Added the 'OptionsBehavior.HotTrack' option to both the Table and Banded Table Views. Use the View's 'Styles.HotTrack' property to customize appearance settings applied to hot-tracked cells/rows.
  • Customizable Cell Border Visibility - Set the new 'CellBorders' property to False to hide cell borders in Layout Views, non-modal Edit Forms, and custom row layout fields.


  • Performance Enhancements
    • Thanks to a new stream-based XML parser, large XLSX documents load up to 70 times faster, while consuming 60% less memory.
    • XML, HTML, TXT, and CSV export routines now use a shared memory buffer for strings to reduce memory fragmentation.
    • Clipboard operations with large cell ranges now consume about half the memory.
    • The cell pack algorithm now updates the default cell style instead of storing redundant cell information when a user changes the style of all cells at once. This change reduces the document size as well as memory consumption.
    • The parser no longer uses an exception-based mechanism to validate strings that should be converted to dates. This optimization speeds up load operations from TXT and CSV files, and also paste operations from the clipboard.
    • Best Fit calculations now use the same canvas to draw rows. With this change, cell draw operations will work up to three times faster depending on the number of populated rows and cells in a document.

Layout Control

  • Performance Enhancements
    • Optimized scroll operations make the UI more responsive, due to the calculations for scroll position being up to five times faster.
    • With major improvements to drag initialization (up to 100 times faster), drag-and-drop operations during layout customization are much smoother.
    • With this release, locked layout groups are drawn up to five times quicker.
Cell/Row Hot Track


Aggiungi ampia griglia, stampa, tabella pivot, elenco struttura, layout e funzionalità interfaccia alle tue applicazioni Delphi e C + + Builder.

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