Aspose.Cells for PHP via Java V21.6

Aggiunge la proprietà Cell.IsNumericValue che consente di verificare se il valore di una cella è numerico.
Giugno 24, 2021 - 13:00
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  • Changed behavior of Cell.IsErrorValue property - In old versions, this property only applied to formula cells. To make it consistent with other properties, from 21.6 it now checks non-formula cells too and if its value is an error value, it also returns true. The User may check Cell.IsFormula property first if they only need to check the error value for formula cells.
  • Changed behavior of Cell.Value property - In old versions, this property always returned the DateTime object if the cell was formatted as date time and its value was numeric. From 21.6, this property returns the numeric value itself if it exceeds the maximum valid DateTime value. With this change the returned object is consistent with what is shown in the formula bar of Microsoft Excel.
  • Added Cell.IsNumericValue property - Provides convenient and efficient way for user to check whether one cell’s value is a numeric value (int, double, datetime).
  • Added overloaded methods of Cell.SetSharedFormula()/SetArrayFormula()/SetDynamicArrayFormula() - Support to set array formulas and shared formulas with predefined values.
  • Added enum PdfFontEncoding - Represents PDF embedded font encoding.
  • Added PdfSaveOptions.FontEncoding property - Gets or sets embedded font encoding in PDFs.
  • Added SlicerCacheItem.Value property - Returns label text for the slicer item. Read-only.
  • Added GlobalizationSettings.GetProtectionNameOfPivotTable() method - Gets the protection name in the PivotTable.
  • Added FileFormatUtil.FileFormatToSaveFormat method - Converts file format to save format.
Aspose.Cells for PHP via Java

Aspose.Cells for PHP via Java

Crea in maniera dinamica, manipola e converte i fogli di calcolo Excel in applicazioni PHP senza bisogno di Microsoft Excel.

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