DevExpress WPF 21.1.4

Migliora i controlli Visualizzatore PDF, Rich Edit e Mappa.
Giugno 25, 2021 - 14:22
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DXGrid and DXTreeList for WPF

  • ColorScaleFormatCondition - Minimum and maximum values are less colored than intermediate values.
  • CurrentItem/SelectedItem is not updated when reloading grid rows in Virtual Sources and SelectionMode is set to Cell.
  • CustomUniqueValues is not raised in v20.1.6 and newer when ItemsSource is set to XPInstantFeedbackSource.
  • FilterString is changed when executing BeginInit/EndInit.
  • NullReferenceException is raised during the BestFitColumns call when group summaries are aligned by columns and merged grouping is enabled.
  • System.InvalidOperationException is thrown when a grid with TreeListView is displayed for the second time.
  • The Opacity property set to CellTemplate for an editor is ignored.

All WPF products

  • Complex Grouping in Reports - The NullReference exception occurs at DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.HeaderFriendsHelper.CollectFriends.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - Changing the system's date and time causes the Data Range parameter to work incorrectly.
  • End User Report Designer - It is not possible to add a Guid query parameter.
  • Incorrect TextBox foreground color when switching the theme to Microsoft Office 2019 Black.
  • Margins on different pages can have different values when using XRSubReport.
  • Overlapped controls might be hidden in previewed and exported reports after upgrading to v21.1.
  • ReportDesigner WPF: An expression for a label is empty when DataTable is part of a DataSet.
  • Signature - Resigning a form field doesn't clear the widget appearance.
  • The Page Setup dialog displays measurement units in inches regardless of the ReportUnit property value.

DXBars for WPF

  • Editor buttons ignore ButtonInfo.IsEnabled when BarEditItem.EditSettings is used.

DXCharts for WPF

  • A secondary axis cannot be zoomed after the primary axis is zoomed at runtime.
  • An empty chart layout is displayed in preview mode when Series point data are modified in the Chart Designer.
  • An unhandled exception (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) occurs when updating the chart's data source at runtime in certain cases.
  • An unhandled exception (NullRefrenceException) occurs in certain situations when the chart data source is updated.
  • An unhandled exception occurs after subsequent zoom operations in the Stock Market Trader application.
  • An unhandled exception occurs when Series point data is modified in Chart Designer in certain situations.
  • Chart Designer - An unhandled exception (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) occurs when entering Series Point data.
  • Chart Designer - Newly added points are not displayed in Preview mode.
  • ChartDesigner cannot be invoked for a ChartControl descendant.
  • TargetInvocationException occurs when changing the Visual Range Auto option in the Chart Designer at runtime.

DXDiagram for WPF

  • ConnectorsSource is not updated when items with connectors are pasted.
  • DiagramControl doesn't update the bound collection specified in ItemsPath when an item is moved from one container to another.

DXDocking for WPF

  • DocumentPanels are not ordered in the same manner as corresponding data items in the parent DocumentGroup's ItemsSource collection after certain actions.
  • The default context menu with the Begin Customization item does not appear when clicking an empty LayoutGroup.

DXEditors for WPF

  • "Access to the path 'NarratorRunning' is denied" exception occurs when ClearAutomationEventsHelper is initialized.
  • Editor buttons ignore ButtonInfo.IsEnabled when BarEditItem.EditSettings is used.
  • SearchControl's UpdateMRU method throws a NullReferenceException.
  • The duration of FlyoutControl's animation set to "0" can make a View unresponsive in certain cases.

DXLayoutControl for WPF

  • LayoutControl's GroupBox does not show its shadow in certain themes.

DXMap for WPF

  • Map Control gets stuck in Drag mode under certain circumstances.
  • Vector tiles - AccessViolationException is thrown in certain situations.
  • Vector Tiles - Rendering artifacts occur on certain machines.
  • WmsDataProvider - Initial map position is incorrect when the UserControl container has UseLayoutRounding option enabled.

DXPropertyGrid for WPF

  • The DescriptionContainerStyle property does not work.

DXRibbon for WPF

  • RibbonControlAutomationPeer leads to an ArgumentNullException when UITestingEnabled is set to true and ribbon merging is enabled.

DXRichEdit for WPF

  • Editing - The Redo operation does not preserve previously applied formatting.
  • Rendering - RichEditControl incorrectly displays text after applying a specific font and setting the font style to bold.

DXScheduler for WPF

  • Add a method to load data for a custom interval via the FetchAppointments event.

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • "'DevExpressXtraSpreadsheetServices::OfficeChartsExtensions' has already been imported from another assembly..." warning is shown when building a C++ project that references DevExpress.Docs.v21.1.dll and DevExpress.XtraSpreadsheet.v21.1.dll.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown if the ShowPlaceholders option is set to False in markup.

DXTreeMap for WPF

  • Groups disappear after changing the data source (ObservableCollection) in certain situations.
  • The Tree Map layout does not reflect changes in a bound ObservableCollection.
  • TreeMap control displays groups incorrectly in certain cases.

Installation (Microsoft .NET)

  • The extension menu of WPF Controls is disabled in Microsoft Visual Studio.

MVVM Framework

  • NotificationService/ScreenHelper.GetDpiForMonitor throws an exception on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.

PDF Viewer for WPF

  • DirectX - Some hairlines aren't printed.
  • DirectX Rendering - A page that contains an image with a degenerate transformation matrix cannot be rendered correctly.
  • PdfViewerControl shows a dialog for entering a document password when the PdfViewerExtensions.SaveDocument(IPdfViewer, String, PdfSaveOptions) method is called.

Scaffolding Wizards

  • "System.InvalidOperationException: "The current SynchronizationContext may not be used as a TaskScheduler." error occurs when a Ribbon item is clicked.
  • DataLayoutItems don't use localization strings in single-object views.

Themes and Theme Designer

  • Themes are not applied to the standard ListBox and TreeView.

Windows and Utility Controls for WPF

  • BreadcrumbControl's ItemsSource is not updated when SelectedItemPath is null.
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