FusionExport v2.0

Aggiunge il supporto per CORS che consente di inviare richieste tra le origini e di condividere risorse.
Luglio 23, 2021 - 13:52
Nuova versione


  • Added support for CORS: Added support for new CLI argument called --cors which lets you send cross-origin requests and share resources.
  • Added support for Microsoft Excel: Added support for exporting your charts to XLSX, XLS and CSV formats. Currently, this feature is only available with FusionCharts configurations.
  • Added support for License Key management: Licenses are now activated using a new license validation system.
  • Improved support for HTTPS Server: Added HTTPS support for the FusionExport Server and the FusionExport SDK.
  • Renamed FusionExport executable: To easily find the FusionExport process, the executable name has been changed from service.exe to fusionexport-service.exe for Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Rendering local fonts: This version allows you to load and render charts with your local fonts in CSS or HTML files.
  • Improved support for timeout value: Added support for a new CLI argument called --timeout, or minifyResource for SDK. This value allows users to provide a custom timeout.
  • Added new Dashboard templates: This version adds new default templates for exporting dashboards.
  • CLI Improvements: Includes several CLI enhancements which improve overall developer experience.


Esporta le dashboard complete come PDF da utilizzare nei report e nelle email.

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