DevExpress WinForms 21.1.5

Migliora i controlli Visualizzatore PDF, Griglia verticale e Foglio di calcolo.
Agosto 06, 2021 - 15:17
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All WinForms products

  • Microsoft .NET 5 WinForms designer - It is not possible to drag bars within BarDockControl.
  • A custom aggregate (ICustomAggregate) cannot access values from a collection defined via the Expression.
  • A data source for controls in a sub-band does not change if a report data source is changed at runtime.
  • Colorizing odd/even rows has changed since upgrading from v20.1 to v21.1.
  • GridControl - IndexOutOfRange exception occurs when exporting a filtered GridView.
  • Hierarchy report - KeepTogetherWithFirstChild doesn't work with a second-level parent.
  • Inherited reports cannot be localized - Custom localization is lost.
  • Invalid string measurement in Linux-generated PDF reports (Pango).
  • Project Settings - A custom skin's palette is not shown in Palette Editor.
  • SharedImageCollection does not work as HTML images.
  • SkinPatch - Changes to skin palettes are not taken into account.
  • The "Add DevExpress item" gallery does not display WinForms templates in .NET 5 WinForms apps.
  • The FilterString Editor may display the "Invalid property X" error message for filters created with the use of UI.
  • The FormatString function in an expression does not work correctly if DetailReportBand's data source is defined at runtime.
  • The Hierarchical Reports feature cannot be implemented when DetailReportBands are used.
  • The Print Preview hangs in the `th-TH` culture if Microsoft .NET 5.0 is used.
  • XRBarCode is hidden when XRBarCode.ProcessNullValues is set to "SuppressAndShrink" even if XRBarCode.BinaryData is set.
  • XRPictureBox - Incorrect images are displayed after storing and restoring a merged report document.
  • XRTableCell.GetEffectiveBackColor is incorrectly calculated when transitioning from “StylePriority.UseBackColor = false;” to “StylePriority.UseBackColor = true;” in the BeforePrint event.
  • XtraReport - Export to PDF doesn't work correctly when PageRange contains duplicated indexes.

Coded UI

  • COM Warning occurs on an attempt to remove DevExpress.CodedUIExtensions dll from the GAC when running the 20.2.x and 21.1.x installers.

Data Access Library

  • SqlDataSource - The execution of parameterized queries results in the "Invalid parameter length" SqlException (v21.1).
  • Adjustments of a filter criterion cause an application to freeze.

Installation (.NET)

  • Several installations of DevExpress controls can be run simultaneously.

NuGet Packages

  • Devexpress.Win.Design NuGet package includes certain dependencies that are only available in the Universal subscription.

PDF Viewer

  • Localization - There is no message if a document is empty or null.
  • Parsing - A document cannot be opened if an interactive form field has an incorrect structure.
  • Parsing - A document cannot be opened if an XRef stream is corrupted.
  • Parsing - A document with the incorrect value of the 'AA' key in the Document catalog dictionary cannot be opened.
  • Parsing - A page that uses a font with a broken CMap table is rendered incorrectly.
  • Parsing - Page content is incorrectly rendered if inline image data contains an excessive end image marker.
  • Printing - Documents with CFF fonts cannot be printed using some HP XPS printer drivers.
  • Rendering - Optional content groups' default visibility is not affected when drawing and printing.
  • Rendering - Specific ink annotations are rendered incorrectly.
  • Text Search - CJK characters are incorrectly processed in specific cases.


  • Editing - The InsertText method call is slow in v21.1.

XtraBars Suite

  • AlertControl doesn't calculate its view info immediately after the alert window handle is created.
  • AlertControl is scaled after it is shown.
  • GalleryItemCollection does not lock updates of its parent gallery when using the AddRange method to add multiple items.
  • NavBarControl - NavBarItems are not accessible when UI Automation is used.
  • OfficeNavigationBar - The caption text is shown incorrectly on the mouse hover in PerMonitorV2 mode.
  • RibbonControl - Empty Area Image overlaps right-aligned ribbon page groups.
  • RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown when clicking a clear button in a search item and clearing links in the CustomizeSearchMenu event handler.
  • RibbonControl - RibbonPageGroup aligned to the right overlaps EmptyAreaImage.
  • RibbonControl - Smart tag does not convert a form to RibbonForm.
  • RibbonControl - The text of RibbonPageCategory has incorrect boundaries.
  • RibbonForm - NullReferenceException is thrown in the RibbonForm.GetCaptionSkinElement method.
  • RibbonForm incorrectly applies the glyph skinning feature to its icon if the RibbonForm width is less than 450 pixels.
  • TabbedView - A document's content is not refreshed when its index is changed using the ITabbedViewController.Move method.
  • TabForm - Control box buttons are only highlighted when the mouse is close to their center.
  • The upper left part of the Ribbon is overlapped when page categories are scrolled.

XtraCharts Suite

  • An unhandled exception (ArgumentException) occurs when displaying ChartControl in an invisible DockPanel.
  • AreaSeriesView.Transparency property is not synchronized with the opacity value of the series' Color property.
  • System.NullReferenceException occurs when XRChart | Series | Argument Scale Type is set to Quantitative.


  • The CalculateBounds method may throw exceptions in certain cases while calculating the intersection between connectors and a shape's geometry.
  • There are noticeable lags when multiple items are dragged in DiagramControl.

XtraEditors Library

  • .NET 5 Designer - PropertyGridControl cannot create the Description Control and Toolbar.
  • .NET 5 WinForms designer - The DockPanel.Options.ShowCloseButton property is not serialized in the designer file.
  • Data Source Configuration Wizard - Add an option to disable type search via the data source provider service.
  • DateEdit with the TouchUI Calendar View - A newly entered value is not applied to the popup view.
  • LabelControl - HTML tags for font formatting may interfere with other tag types.
  • MemoEdit - When the UseAdvancedMode property is set to true, it returns an incorrect value for the CalcAutoHeight method.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when UseAdvancedTextEdit is on and a null DisplayText value is set within PopupContainerEdit's QueryDisplayText handler.
  • SearchLookUpEdit - Text is not displayed if it does not completely fit into an editor and UseAdvancedTextEdit is set to True.
  • SvgImage - An image with the opacity in the Stop-Color property of the Gradient element is incorrectly drawn.
  • TextEdit - FontSizeDelta for labels is ignored when using DirectX and advanced mode.
  • The Clear button does not show its icon when this button is disabled.
  • The default value of the ShowPlaceHolders option is incorrectly shown at design time when the Show Advanced Settings is hidden.
  • XtraScrollableControl shows the Fluent scrollbar when ScrollUIMode is set to Touch.
  • XtraTabControl - The resize zone of SidePanel that contains XtraTabControl is narrow at 250% DPI.


  • GanttControl - Chart bars are offset relative to nodes when printing.
  • GanttControl - How to move tasks and disable task resizing.
  • GanttControl - Not the entire page width is used when the FitToPage function is used.

XtraGrid Suite

  • Advanced Customization Form - The height of column headers in the Customization Form should not be changed to the height of column headers in the view.
  • BandedGridView - Group rows are empty when exporting to Microsoft Excel if multi-selection is enabled.
  • BandedGridView exports empty lines when exported to CSV.
  • Behavior Manager - A master row is not expanded/collapsed by clicking the expand/collapse button when drag-and-drop behavior is attached to the Grid.
  • FieldCaption changes its appearance on hover.
  • GridControl - Group summaries do not take a group row style into account on export.
  • GridView - A column created for a field of the Color type uses the TextEdit editor by default.
  • GridView - Incorrect rows are copied when using the CheckBoxSelectorField property.
  • GridView - RepositoryItemMemoEdit does not respect TextOptions property of the editor and column when UseAdvancedMode is enabled.
  • GridView - RTF report elements have incorrect location or are not displayed.
  • GridView - The master-detail button is not pressed when multi-selection is enabled and the Drag-and-Drop behavior is attached if a row is focused.
  • SvgImage - Resources couldn't be generated when an application is built.
  • The caption of invisible detail views is not printed.
  • The MIN and MAX summary types for Boolean columns should not be available in summary menus.
  • TileView - A background image is shown with artifacts when tiles are scrolled.
  • TileView - TileElements do not take the MaxLineCount property value into account when they are anchored to existing elements.

XtraLayout Suite

  • .NET 5 WinForms Designer - Scrollbars of controls located in the designer do not work.
  • Property editors show a popup modal window instead of a drop-down list in .NET 5 applications.
  • The .NET 5 WinForms Designer hangs on an attempt to resize or add controls to LayoutControl.
  • WinForms .NET 5 Designer - It's not possible to place controls from a form into LayoutControl and use the Esc key.


  • Usability - There is no capability to set an integer zoom level when calling the MapControl.ZoomToFitLayerItems method.


  • NavBarControl ToolTip ignores the ToolTipController.DefaultController.InitialDelay property.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Fields Customization Form incorrectly displays labels when used on two monitors with different DPI settings.
  • The UseSummaryValue property of unbound fields disables filtering of these fields.
  • The Form closes incorrectly and a separate blank window is created when a pivot grid is inside a tabbed dock panel.

XtraPrinting Library

  • GridView - RTF report elements have incorrect location or are not displayed.


  • Editing - The InsertText method call is slow in v21.1.
  • Fields - A copied and pasted DOCVARIABLE is not updated even when the RichEditControl.Options.Fields.UpdateFieldsOnPaste property is enabled.
  • GridView - RTF report elements have incorrect location or are not displayed.
  • OLE objects - The OLE object collection is not disposed of when a new document is loaded.
  • UI - Specific forms have the XtraLayout.AllowCustomization property enabled.
  • XRRichText - The Calibri Light font is not embedded after a report is exported to PDF.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • A day is added to the duration value in AppointmentRecurrenceForm when EndDate is changed.
  • Appointment color cannot be set in the AppointmentViewInfoCustomizing event handler.
  • Appointments located outside of the visible area are not drawn in the Timeline View when the TimelineScrollBarVisible option is enabled.
  • Buttons in date navigation bar do not scale in PerMonitor V2 DPI mode.
  • RequestError is thrown when the calendar is synchronized twice.
  • The BeginUpdate method does not lock the scrolling animation in the Day View.
  • The SchedulerControl.Services.ResourceNavigation.GoToResource method doesn't navigate to the specified resource.
  • The Today date is not updated when the current day changes while the project is running.


  • An exception is thrown on an attempt to execute the "Create from Selection" command when the top row is selected.
  • Charts - Axis ranges are calculated incorrectly for scatter charts.
  • It is impossible to correctly load documents containing formulas with text values longer than 255 characters.
  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to access table autofilter if the autofilter is not enabled and does not have a filtered range.
  • The chart legend isn't cropped and the chart layout cannot be calculated properly when the legend has a very long text.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • A new node is added even if the e.Valid parameter is set to False in the ValidateNode event handler if the node is added using NewItemRow.
  • A node for which the CanFocus property is set to false in the BeforeFocusNode event is painted as selected.
  • Columns are initialized in an incorrect order when creating an unbound node.
  • The SetFocusedNode method clears selection.
  • TreeListNode.Selected allows selecting more than one node when MultiSelect is disabled.
  • Internal Columns collection may become corrupted during control initialization.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • PropertyGridControl - The RowChanged event is not raised for parent rows.
  • Tooltips flicker when a cursor hits a tooltip shadow.
  • VGridControl - A cell editor closes unpredictably when row settings are changed.
  • VGridControl - An incorrect cell editor is activated when a cell is focused using the RowsIterator feature.


  • .NET 5 WinForms Designer - The Wizard's next button does not work.
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