Webinar GrapeCity per ActiveReports.NET

Guida per gli sviluppatori alla creazione di report, al cloud computing e ad Azure con ActiveReports.NET 15.2.
Settembre 29, 2021
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ActiveReports.NET helps you deliver beautiful reports with intuitive Microsoft Visual Studio integrated report designers and rich controls. It provides code-based cross-platform reporting, easy-to-use designers, and a flexible API. With reporting being an integral part of any enterprise-level application, it is essential to not only find a proven reporting solution that meets your needs, but one that offers scalability as your business needs grow.

In this LIVE Webinar on Wednesday, October 13th, Mateen Firoz - GrapeCity's Global Product Manager for ActiveReports.NET - will show you how you can use ActiveReports.NET to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Microsoft Azure and AWS services, including:

  • Deploying Azure web applications (Microsoft Windows vs. Linux)
  • Using Azure storage as a repository for exports
  • Scaling with Azure Functions, triggers, and distribution

GrapeCity is presenting this webinar in both a morning and afternoon session, so that you can participate regardless of your time zone.

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ActiveReports.NET 15.2 is now available.


Una soluzione completa di creazione report per progettare, personalizzare, pubblicare e visualizzare i report nelle applicazioni aziendali.

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