ExpressGridPack 21.2.3

Migliora i controlli Layout, Interfacce e Foglio di calcolo.
Gennaio 31, 2022 - 14:48
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  • All VCL products
    • SVG Images - The "use" element that refers to an object declared further in an image causes the "Stack Overflow" exception.
    • Using DevExpress in COM+ DLL was broken in 21.1.7.
  • ExpressEditors Library
    • A hint window uses the DPI of the monitor where the major part of the window is located rather than the DPI of the monitor where the mouse pointer is located as a target DPI.
    • cxLookupComboBox - It is not possible to assign -1 to the ItemIndex property if the list field contains at least one empty string.
    • SVG Images - Images are rasterized with lower quality compared to v21.1 if their target dimensions match the SVG size that exceeds 16 by 16 pixels.
    • TcxButton - The button incorrectly calculates the position of its drop-down menu if the menu is a standard TPopupMenu component displayed above the button and the monitor DPI differs from the system DPI.
    • TcxGroupBox incorrectly aligns embedded controls until its owner realigns it if certain skins are applied.
    • TdxCameraControl - Framerate is too low.
    • TdxFileOpenDialog and TdxFileSaveDialog - UI fonts scale incorrectly if the dialog is reopened after closing on an additional monitor to the left of the main monitor with the system DPI equal to or more than 192, and the main form is on the main monitor.
    • TdxFileOpenDialog: icons of the ListView are too large.
    • TdxFileOpenDialog: can not select "Mittelgroße Icons" in drop down menu for icon size.
    • TdxFileOpenDialog: flickers if content of selected directory is changed.
    • TdxMessageDialogForm and methods that create its instances apply an incorrect font size to text messages in certain cases.
    • TdxShellTreeView - An AV occurs when a user holds the left mouse button to the left of a node expand button and starts moving the mouse pointer if the OptionsSelection.RowSelect property is set to True.
    • The TdxSkinLookAndFeelPainter.GetToggleSwitchTextColor function's implementation includes an incorrect inherited function call.
  • ExpressLayout Control
    • Redraw issue.
    • Suggestion: Hide FocusRectangle with LayoutItem controls.
  • ExpressLibrary
    • A project that uses code from ExpressLibrary cannot be compiled if the NONDB define is specified in project settings.
    • Controls produce painting artifacts if the application manifest enables the DPI-unaware GDI Scaled mode.
    • Fonts appear double-scaled in certain cases if the default fonts are pre-scaled according to the system DPI.
    • SVG Images - An invalid floating-point operation error occurs when the SVG engine calculates a gradient's bounding rectangle and certain values in the transformation matrix are defined by the gradientTransform attribute.
    • SVG Images - Path Element - A path is drawn incorrectly if it contains an "arc" element with at least one negative radius.
  • ExpressPrinting System
    • It is impossible to print a barcode editor on a form if the editor's Properties.FitMode property is set to ifmNormal or the TdxBarCodeReportLink is used to print the editor.
    • PDF Export - Text is unreadable in an exported document if it embeds an OpenType font, and the source report link's PDFExportOptions.UseCIDFonts property is set to True.
    • PDF Viewer Report Link - The Print Preview dialog incorrectly scales a document on a high-DPI monitor in certain cases.
    • The "mm" and "mmmm" sequences set in the TdxComponentPrinter.DateFormat property are not replaced with actual month names in certain locales.
  • ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
    • Export to Microsoft Excel - An image from a column with an in-place image combo box editor does not retain its position in an exported document if the same image is displayed in another different-sized column with an identical editor bound to the same image list.
    • Master-Detail - An AV occurs when editing a cell value in a detail View created in a grid level's OnGetGridView event handler.
    • Table and Banded Table Views - The automatically calculated buffer size in grid mode is insufficient to display rows on a monitor with the highest available resolution if the system has multiple monitors with different resolutions.
    • Table and Banded Table Views - The height of an in-place memo editor's content area can increase if the OptionsBehavior.EditAutoHeight property is set to eachRow, and the memo editor's Properties.Scrollbars property is set to any other value than ssNone.
    • Table Views - Cells scrolled behind merged cells in fixed columns are partially drawn above the merged cells.
    • WinExplorer Views - The focused record that is unselected has a focus frame rectangle if the OptionsView.FocusRect property is set to False.
  • ExpressSkins Library
    • A form whose BorderStyle property is set to bsNone has rounded corners in Microsoft Windows 11 if the form is derived from the TdxRibbonForm or TdxSkinForm class and the skin controller's FormCorners property is set to fcDefault.
    • A skinned modal window is overlapped by its owner window when a user clicks on it if the "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" option is enabled in Windows and a skinned window casts a shadow.
    • AccordionView TdxNavBar with images.
    • An AV occurs when resizing a skinned MDI child form whose window style does not include the WS_CAPTION flag.
    • Basic, Office2019Black, Office2019Colorful, Office2019DarkGray, and Office2019White skins - The upper paragraph indent marker overlaps the lower indent marker on the top ruler of TdxRichEditControl.
  • ExpressSpreadSheet
    • An in-place editor incorrectly calculates the dimensions required to display a cell value if it contains at least one trailing space characters.
    • Borders of hidden cells overlap the borders of adjacent cells in certain cases.
    • The Format Cells dialog invoked for a cell with the default border style corrupts the spreadsheet document's default border style in certain cases if the target cell has an adjoining cell with an adjacent custom border.
    • The INDEX function throws the #REF! error when accepting an array calculated by another expression as a parameter.
    • XLSX Import - The OpenXML loader does not convert the _x0000_ sequence into Unicode characters.


Aggiungi ampia griglia, stampa, tabella pivot, elenco struttura, layout e funzionalità interfaccia alle tue applicazioni Delphi e C + + Builder.

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