ExpressGridPack 21.2.4

Migliora i controlli Editor, Griglia e Foglio di calcolo.
Febbraio 15, 2022 - 16:22
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ExpressEditors Library

  • cxFontNameComboBox - An AV occurs when an editor whose font's list-related properties are stored in a DFM file is destroyed before the background font enumeration completion handler is called.
  • TcxImage - The image saving dialog adds a semicolon to a full file name.
  • TdxOpenFileDialog, TdxSaveFileDialog, and their descendants - It is impossible to abort the search in progress on Microsoft Windows 7.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • All Views except Chart - Find criteria changes applied to a detail View of a master record are not applied to the same detail View of another master record, even if the detail View's Synchronization property is set to True.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - The search button icon's color is not updated according to a new text color in the "Group By" panel.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • The Filter property is not published.

ExpressSkins Library

  • Ribbon Form - The Ribbon.FormButton~ skin elements apply the esActive state instead of esActiveDisabled to an inactive form's window buttons.


  • A character conveyed by a hexadecimal number is removed from an RTF string inserted into a cell if this number follows a Unicode character.
  • An AV occurs when the code accesses the value of a cell whose formula expression is an empty string in a loaded binary format file.
  • An in-place editor incorrectly calculates its dimensions for displaying a cell value if it is a formatted text string with two or more different font typefaces.
  • It is impossible to localize the sdxExpressionEditorOperatorNEDescription resource string with the Localizer Editor.
  • The "Copy to clipboard" operation sets the Modified property to True and raises the OnModifiedChanged event.
  • The ROW, ROWS, COLUMN, COLUMNS, and OFFSET functions throw the #VALUE! error when accepting a reference or an array calculated by another expression as a parameter.
  • XLSX Export - Quote characters in an exported document are displayed as &quot in third-party applications.


Aggiungi ampia griglia, stampa, tabella pivot, elenco struttura, layout e funzionalità interfaccia alle tue applicazioni Delphi e C + + Builder.

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