DevExpress Office File API 21.2.8

Migliora la raccolta di esportazione di Excel e l'API dei documenti PDF.
Giugno 09, 2022 - 14:40
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  • Microsoft Excel Export Library
    • Excel Export library does not throw InvalidOperationException if the length of the list used to specify the DataValidationType.List validation type is larger than 255 characters.
  • PDF Document API
    • API - The AddToDSS method fails if OCSPClient reports that the certificate was revoked.
    • Export - An EMF Image is incorrectly exported if it has an arc whose bounding box has a negative height.
    • Export to PDF - Some characters are missing in the exported PDF document after the upgrade to v21.2.7 if a custom font is used.
    • Interactive Form - The "Hidden but printable" form field is incorrectly flattened.
    • Parsing - A document with an incorrect type of the 'Count' value in 'Outline item dictionary' cannot be processed.
  • Spreadsheet Document API
    • An exception is thrown on an attempt to refresh the pivot table in a specific XLSB document.
    • Performance penalties occur on the AutoFitColumns method call if the target range has cells with the accounting number format.
  • Word Processing Document API
    • Document Layout - "System.InvalidOperationException: 'Sequence contains no matching element'" exception occurs when exporting a specific RTF document to PDF.
    • The KeepWithNext option incorrectly works for a specific table.
DevExpress Office File API

DevExpress Office File API

Leggi e scrivi file Excel e Word, crea e modifica documenti PDF, genera codici a barre e archivi compressi.

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