Help & Manual 8.5.0 Build 5980

Ora include il nuovo Visualizzatore eWriter per creare e-book EXE autonomi.
Agosto 24, 2022 - 11:02
Nuova versione


  • eWriter Export Format - The eWriter Viewer 3.0 redistributable for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS has been released.
    • Help & Manual now includes the new eWriter Viewer 3.0 (32 bit) to create stand-alone EXE e-books.
    • The configuration page for eWriter export now has new export options: a product logo (shown on macOS and Windows) and menu options for macOS.
    • Please note that some export options for the eWriter format are deprecated with the updated viewer and have been moved to the new command line options.
  • Snagit - Added direct support for TechSmith Snagit® 2022 cross-platform file format “.snagx”.
    • The .snagX format is the (editable) compound image format containing the original screenshot, annotations and modifications.
    • Help & Manual can load a .snagX picture directly and treats it like a PNG file.
    • Please note: the new compound .snagX format is available with Snagit 2022 only. This file format is different to the old .snag file format.
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Help & Manual Floating

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