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All WinForms products

  • Microsoft .NET Core Migration Tool throws an exception on attempting to convert a project.
  • Cascading parameters - No child records are returned for the IsNull condition and an empty nullable parent parameter.
  • Cascading Report Parameters - Server-side filtering breaks reports.
  • Data Source Wizard
    • "connectionId cannot be NULL" error occurs when adding a certain stored procedure (Oracle).
    • Input string is not in a correct format (PostgreSQL).
  • DllNotFoundException with the "Unable to load shared library 'gdi32.dll' or one of its dependencies" message occurs while creating a report's document if the report contains an SVG image.
  • It's not possible to bind to a property in a nullable struct.
  • Parameters - The look-up collection is empty if EFDataSource is used as a datasource.
  • Report Designer - An application freezes on searching in a large FieldList.
  • Report parameter dropdown list is filtered using the 'starts with' rather than 'contains' function.
  • ReportPrintTool - Large/touch scrollbars occur when enabling application DPI awareness.
  • The "Hierarchical Report" feature does not work when a parameter with the GetDisplayText function is displayed.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error is thrown when a specific report is opened.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - Stored Procedure Fields are lost after the SqlDataSource | Rebuild Result Schema command execution.
  • WaitIndicator is showing on the center of a form, not on the center of DocumentViewer.
  • XRCrossTab - Values for CalculatedField from a nested collection are not calculated on all report pages.

Data Access Library

  • SqlDataSource - Master-Detail Relation Editor does not display copied queries.
  • The 'Sequence contains no elements' exception is thrown when the CREATETABLE function accepts a nullable report parameter.

DemoCenter (.NET)

  • The MVVM Predefined Notification Demo throws an exception when showing the notification.

MVVM Framework

  • The MVVM Predefined Notification Demo throws an exception when showing the notification.

PDF Viewer

  • ArgumentException is thrown when loading a document.

Project Templates

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.1 is not available in the Project Template Gallery.


  • "Index out of range" exception occurs when deleting an entire column from the table.
  • System.NullReferenceException occurs on typing text in Hebrew after an SnText field that contains RTL text.

XtraBars Suite

  • AccordionControl - A ShowPopupForm method call results in a memory leak.
  • An exception is thrown on opening a FluentDesignForm with its AccordionControl removed.
  • Appearance.BackColor property of a header item is ignored.
  • ArgumentException is thrown in the DrawImageWithColorMatrix method.
  • BarEditItem - EditValue is not saved when it is under a BarSubItem and the sub menu is closed.
  • BarItem - There is no way to reset UserCaption in the designer.
  • DockManager - AutoHideContainer's size is incorrectly set when switching from WXI to another skin.
  • Fluent Splash Screen - Default text is shown before the actual text if the useFadeIn parameter is set to false.
  • It is not possible to override changes in the last selected command in BarButtonItem if the RememberLastCommand setting is enabled.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the BaseMenuLinkAccessible.GetLinks method when any accessible tool is used.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the DevExpress.Utils.Animation.BaseAsyncAdornerBootStrapper.AdornerWindowLocationChanged method on moving a mouse.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in TileBarViewInfo.CreateDTManager when the tile element is created.
  • OfficeNavigationBar - NullReferenceException is thrown when the Compact property is changed.
  • RibbonControl
    • The page size is incorrect when a category and the WXI skin are used.
    • Two items can be focused at the same time by using keyboard navigation.
  • StandaloneBarDockControl - A control is shown as an empty container when its bars are hidden.
  • The BarButtonItem.RememberLastCommand property is in effect for items with the ButtonStyle property set to values other than DropDown.
  • The panel controls are not shown at design time if the dock panel is shown as tabbed.
  • The WindowsUISeperator appearance is not serialized at design time.
  • ToolbarForm does not support saving a layout of its title bar.
  • TransitionManager does not apply animation for its transitions if its form is minimized and shown again.

XtraCharts Suite

  • ArgumentException is thrown when the panes layout is modified.

XtraEditors Library

  • Accessibility clients read out HTML tags when HTML-inspired text formatting is used.
  • Accessibility clients read out the ampersand character when it is used to specify the shortcut key in display captions.
  • AutomationElements of a cell editor are not correctly recognized.
  • DisplayFormat and EditFormat values are changed when copying and pasting a TimeEdit control.
  • DXErrorProvider slowly loads SVG images from the GetErrorIcon event handler.
  • Filter Panel does not have a way to indicate that multiple conditions are grouped.
  • GridLookUpEdit - Changes made to the editor's value using the Backspace/Delete keys are not saved when the AcceptEditorTextAsNewValue property is enabled and the SearchMode property is set to None.
  • GridLookUpEdit - The ProcessNewValue event does not fire in certain cases when text is pasted from the clipboard.
  • HtmlContentPopup - An active pop-up is not updated when the DataContext property changes.
  • Icon paddings are larger in the context menu when PerMonitor2 is used.
  • Images from project resources cannot be added to ImageCollection.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown in FilterControl when any Accessibility tool is used.
  • MemoEdit - MouseWheel event fires after the mouse wheel action is processed and it cannot be suppressed.
  • MultiColorDrawString - The highlight is painted outside the assigned bounds.
  • RepositoryItemComboBox in Grid - Popup is cropped when using the DropDownRows property.
  • RichEdit - The UnderlineStyleEdit editor displays the object name instead of the underline preview when the UseAdvancedTextEdit setting is enabled.
  • SearchLookUpEdit - DisplayText is not updated when lookup is filtered.
  • SVG - When the <use> element is used, the coordinates attributes are not passed to a referenced element.
  • TextEdit
    • Text is not selected in the WXI skin when a TextEdit with a mask is focused.
    • Advanced Mode throws a NullReferenceException when the AutoCompleteCustomSource collection contains null references.
    • Selects a first character in Advanced Mode when an end-user clears the selection using the mouse.
  • The Overlay form cannot be closed in Microsoft .NET 7 applications.
  • TreeListLookUpEdit is not scrolled to the first matching record when modifying the filter while the popup is open.
  • WXI skin
    • Text in TextEdit does not have padding.
    • The padding is missing in the check box in CheckEdit.
  • XtraSaveFileDialog - A warning message box is not shown when saving a file to a directory with insufficient permissions.


  • GanttControl does not show the chart area in the preview image for the dragged task.

XtraGrid Suite

  • AdvBandedGridView
    • Multiline summaries are displayed in one row on printing the Grid.
    • Does not show the horizontal lines for the last row in detail mode.
  • AutomationElements of a cell editor are not correctly recognized.
  • Microsoft Excel-style popup filter is incorrectly rendered in Office 2010 skins.
  • Filtering UI Context - Filters are not loaded when a Linq Instant Feedback Source is used.
  • GridView
    • Check selection column is not exported in data-aware mode.
    • Focus rectangle is always visible for a focused cell with PictureEdit as its editor if the WXI skin is used.
    • ShowingEditor event is raised for the old focused row if DragDropBehavior is attached to the View.
    • The Excel filter is not used for the image column if the FilterBySortField property is used.
  • Items with long text overlap in the Excel file when the wrap option is enabled.
  • RepositoryItemComboBox in Grid - Popup is cropped when using the DropDownRows property.
  • TileView
    • Elements are drawn in an incorrect position after scrolling if a tile template is specified using CustomItemTemplate.
    • Unable to get KanbanGroup where the tile was dropped when DragDropBehavior is used.
  • WinExplorerView's layout is calculated incorrectly if the data source is reset and scroll bars overlap the last item column.

XtraLayout Suite

  • NullReferenceException is thrown when LayoutControl's layout is restored.


  • Changing the ProcessMouseEvents property in the designer is not taken into account.


  • WXI Compact skin does not work when NavBarControl is used in an application.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • The e.ValueItemInfo property contains an incorrect field in the CustomizeCell event in Data-Aware export.
  • Loading panel flickers on calling RefreshData.
  • Popup menu disappears after a few seconds.


  • RichEditControl/Rich Edit Document Server changes paragraph styles when it saves a document.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • CustomizeAppointmentTemplate event is not raised for img elements.
  • The height of appointments that are drawn using HTML/CSS templates may be incorrectly calculated.
  • The Appointment Edit Form is enlarged every time it is shown if the Touch UI mode is used.
  • The UseAsyncMode property is reset to True when a layout is restored.


  • TextEdit selects a first character in Advanced Mode when an end-user clears the selection using the mouse.


  • A typo in Data Bar's conditional formatting dialog.
  • It is not possible to store a spreadsheet in XLSB format when there is conditional formatting covering a string value.
  • Spreadsheet produces an invalid XLSB file when saving a document with a conditional formatting rule that uses the Boxes5, Stars3, or Triangles3 icon set.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • InsertIndicator is not shown if a window is TopMost.
  • The focused rectangle is not drawn around the state image in the WXI skin.
  • Dragged nodes cannot be dropped onto the root node collection when the ChildListFieldName property is used.
  • Node's checked state is not changed when it is removed from the data source.
  • Displays nodes hidden in the CustomRowFilter event when Breadcrumb Edit Behavior is attached.
  • TreeListLookUpEdit is not scrolled to the first matching record when modifying the filter while the popup is open.
  • Unbound nodes in a read-only Tree List cannot be modified at design time.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • PropertyGridControl - An invalid value is assigned to a selected object when the Office view is used.
  • "ObjectDisposed" exception occurs while dragging a row from the row selection dialog after VGridControl is disposed of and recreated.
  • Conditional formatting rules that are saved with the layout cannot be restored.
  • Row height is incorrectly calculated when PerMonitorV2 DPI awareness is enabled.
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